Man Flees Church After Being Confronted With Group Of Men With Cinderblocks Over Head

Man Flees Church After Being Confronted With Group Of Men With Cinderblocks Over Head

Workout Date:



1st Base


ERC, Judge Judy, Texas Ranger

The Thang:

Conditions: Mid-60s, with a little breeze.

Woke up with head and chest congested, so figured today’s Q was going to be a challenge. Luckily, The Gavel is used to block heavy workouts, so knew if I could get through cadence in the COP, I’d be alright…


25 Side Straddle Hops

10 Willie Mays Hayes

15 Thru The Tunnel

15 Tempo Squats


20 Cherry Pickers

The Thang

Quick lap around the church to the coupon pile and then circle up in the near corner of the parking lot.

Colt 45s

Headed to the next corner and instinctively most of us just started rifle carrying the blocks. As we approached the corner, a vehicle pulled into the main interest and whipped through the front lot. At first I thought we had someone trying to beat ERC at his old gain, but he turned back out of the parking lot without touching the brakes. I remarked that it seemed kind of sketchy, but Texas Ranger asked what I’d do confronted by the sight of us with blocks over our head at that hour. More than fair… We ended up in the faux grass by the cross for

Block Webbs, 1 block Merkin: 2 Overhead Press. Worked our way up to a 5:10 ratio and then took a break by knocking out 10 Big Boys before moving to 6:12.

Followed that with a lap around the church, and since I didn’t say mosey, TR and ERC left JJ and I in the dust.

A second set of Colt 45s, 10 Big Boys before finishing out the Block Webs at 7:14.

30 Block Step Ups (15 leading with each leg)

15 Big Boys

Another lap around the church, this time at a Mosey

3 quick sets of 5 Lawnmowers (each arm) followed by 10 Bent Rows

Back to the corner closes to the coupon pile for one more set of

Colt 45s

Returned Coupons and headed to the benches for

25 Dips

20 Inclined Merkins

20 Step Ups

Back to the Flag for a quick round of PAX Choice Mary

15 Pretzel Crunches (1st Base)

15 Flutter Kicks (Texas Ranger)

15 Box Cutters (ERC)

15 Freddie Mercuries (Judge Judy)




4 Year Catapult Anniversary next Tuesday.

Freed to Bleed Next Friday.

F3 Charleston Anniversary workout on the Yorktown, 3/10

YHC Prayed Us