Mapped by Drone

Mapped by Drone

Workout Date:



Brown Bag


Quaker, Beaker, Viagra, Lab Rat, Burgundy, Humpback, Brown Bag QIC

The Thang:

67* Calm


YHC pulled into the Timeshare parking lot right behind Quaker. Coulda Clown Car’d but didn’t quite pull it together in time. Beaker was next followed by Viagra, Lab Rat and Burgundy. As some early gloom chatter was happening we witnessed a Ford pickup pulling in and out of random parking lots. Could it be the FNG that was expected to post? Nope, it was the one and only Humpback! One minute warning was called at 0514 and at 0515 the disclaimer was proclaimed.


It went like this:



10 Merkins SC


10 Merkins SC

15 IW IC

10 Merkins SC

15 Tempo Squats IC

10 Merkins SC

15 HillBillies IC

10 Merkins SC


15 LBAC in Reverse IC

15 Cherry Pickers IC

15 OHP in Squat Position IC


Mosey for a loop to the beach and then to McLean Park with random stops for:

15 Plank Jacks IC

15 Mountain Climbers IC

10 Burpees OYO



Stopped at a pavilion at the park near a gazebo for a round of 11’s

Started with 1 dip on the picnic benches and 10 squats under the gazebo. 

Wait, did we just wake some dude up sleeping under the gazebo?

Quick modification, squats will be on the grassy knoll instead.


Mosey’d near the tennis courts and YHC asked Lab Rat who is on long term DR for an exercise idea from his home AO in Boone. His suggestion was Appolo Ohno’s


20 Appolo Ohno’s OYO


A fast Mosey back to the parking lot for a round of Mary


20 American Hammers – Brown Bag

20 Freddie Mercury’s – Viagra

15 Rosalita’s – Beaker

10 Inverted Snow Angles – Lab Rat

15 Heels to Heaven – Burgundy

20 Flutters – Quaker

10 Supermans – Humpback

20 XC Skiers – Brown Bag

20 Windmills – Viagra

15 Imperial Walker Squats – Beaker





Over a week ago YHC saw Twitter chatter about an FNG threatening to post and so YHC jumped on the open Timeshare Q Sheet. Well, no FNG when the clock struck 0515. YHC called out said FNG on Twitter. Timeshare has so much to offer so YHC wanted to take it all in. The beatdown incorporated the beach at low tide and McLean Park. Quaker asked YHC if a visit was made last night mapping this all out. YHC responded that it was mapped out with a drone. It was quite a surprise when we encountered a dude sleeping under the gazebo. We didn’t go back to the gazebo. That’s the beauty of F3 though… “Modify as Needed”!




January 20th – B.I.G. Monday at Bombsquad co-Q’d by Sunshine and YHC. The Nant’an Torch will be passed and YHC will be breaking out the world famous DJ equipment.


Prayers and Praises were internal.


YHC prayed us out.


Honor to Lead!




Over and out,


Brown Bag


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