March 30th- an important date….

March 30th- an important date….

Workout Date:





Bling, Penelope, OneCall, Jetah, Fergie

The Thang:

Waverucker- this weekly beatdown that has been voted the “Ultimate workout” by PAX from around the world for the last 5 years . Absolutely no surprise to those who attend, not sure about those who go to BS………. Anywho, I grabbed the Q from AOQ Hoser a few weeks ago and looked at the calendar to check on cool facts, military history, and my own history to come up with a game plan. you need a game plan coming to this AO, you cant just wing 90 minutes (maybe a normal 45). Picked up my Original Carbuddy at 0405 and made our way down. Fergie, Penelope and Jeter were there ready to roll- so away we go! Turn on the tunes!

Disclaimer given- “do not hurt yourself”. instructed the crew we would be putting in miles (so Penelope and Fergie can complete the MLK) and also some PT- at your own discretion. Alerted the boys that tomorrow (3/31) would be my fathers B-day- he would have turned 81 as he passed away in 2016. so our number for the day was 81 as we started our trek down Forbus towards our usual path around back of the airport. at the end of the path near the new VA we stopped for our 1st segment (that would remain the same throughout)

20 ruck curls

20 ruck tris

20 ruck presses

21 (4ct) flutters holding ruck up.

continue our ruck past DMV and thru back of airport to the oval parking lot for 2nd segments. same totals, just add a lap of running around. Continue ruck across Farrow and to the Rock Church for our 3rd segment (on Holy ground!). Continue to parking deck for our 4th and last segment of exercises. once done, run to top of deck and down. Grab rucks, catch breath, and make our way back to AO (the long way around the lake to hit our MLK mileage!). along the way, gave the PAX some great facts about March 30th.

  1. 1822. Congress combined Florida’s 2 territories into 1 once we bought from Spain. became a state in 1845
  2. 1858. Hyman Lipman of Philly patented the pencil with eraser!
  3. 1867. Congress finalized the purchase of a “large stump of ice” better known as Alaska. William Seward help complete the purchase from Russia at 2 cents per acre! 2.7 million total!
  4. 1870. Congress passed the 15th Amendment- guaranteed the right to vote
  5. 1870. Texas was the last State re-admitted to the Union.

TIME! Appreciate the push and the chatter that only happens at Waverucker.