Men In Tights

Men In Tights

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Spork, Hamburglar, Poe, Skid Kong, Quaker

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania Sunday

Conditions: 30 Degrees; Sunny; Dry

Yesterday pre & post beatdown we had 6 PAX training of the P200. YHC thought that today may be a day of recovery but Skidmark had different plans. Although SkidKong was not one of the PAX who ran Saturday morning, he left the rest of us believe all day that no one would broached the subject of a Sunday run. Then as the sun began to set Saturday evening, Skidkong sent a text to the P200 text chain, “The Hulk at 7am?”

Sunshine responded, “30 degrees at 7am?”

Skidkong,”32 [degrees] at 0800. That better?”

That’s when Spork step up, “HC for 7:00, 2 degrees difference ain’t jack 😊”

YHC liked Sporks aggressive tone and stated, “Let’s Go!”

Sunshine relented, “Ok, I’m in!”

Hamburglar gave a “I’m in”, too

Sade’ had to decline due to a previous HC for a Ruck work out with a fellow non-disclosed Pax at 6am. (Nice job Sade’, however, the P200 comes before the Growruck . . . you need to get your priorities straight)

At 6:49 one of the Pax (name withheld) texted that he had overslept & the rest of the PAX should carry one without him.

Because we ‘Leave no man behind’, Hamburglar texted back that ‘we would wait’ . . . & Skid Kong texted that we would ‘circle back fir (sic) ya’

Although these were 2 gracious offers, our wayward, sleepy Pax final text stated, “Go! I just got up”

When YHC arrived at the Hulk, 2 Pax vehicles were already in the lot . . .Sade & his mystery rucking partner.

Next to arrive was Spork, then Hamburglar, and finally Skid Kong & Poe. . . A solid crew!

Here’s what happened.

The Thang:

All Pax agreed to defer the lead to Spork since he set the tone last night. Spork wanted to run to the beach and back and that is exactly what we did.

As usual, Hamburglar ran a bit faster than the rest of the Pax and when he got too far ahead, he would double back to pick up the six.

At the 17 bypass, we all came together to wait and safely cross on the red light. We crossed Bypass 17 then headed north on frontage road to 65th street.

At 65th street, Hamburglar doubled back to pick up the six, while YHC continued to push towards the Village. I led the Pax into The Village for 1 quick lap. All followed me into the Village, except Spork who continued straight towards the beach.

When we completed our Village loop, Spork was about a ½ block ahead of us. There is plenty of solo running in the P200, so this was good training.

We didn’t catch Spork until 17 business, he was moving with a solid sub-nine pace and pushed it all the way to the beach.

When we reached the beach, we all took a 2 minute break to enjoy the view. Some Pax wanted a longer break, but time waits for no man & off we ran for the return trip.

Solid push by everyone. When ever any of us felt our legs getting heavy, another Pax would coax the lagging pax just a little further. We kept moving & kept pushing, finishing with an all out sprint the last 200 yrds back to the Hulk.

The Numbers: 5-5.8 miles; 8:24 to 9:00 pace; 48:45 total run time.

Moleskin: Another great Sunday run. 30 degrees felt down right balmy once we got moving. Spork pushed himself hard today & is right on track for March 19th. We have a great P200 team this year and should easily be one of the top 10 finishers! We’re about 30 days away from the start of the race and the excitement is building with each passing day.

Until next time. .  .

Quaker, out


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