Merkin Made

Merkin Made

Workout Date:





Honey Don't, Burgundy, Beaker, Viagra, Kodak, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: TimeShare

Conditions: 73 Degrees

Another perfect opportunity presented itself by way of an “Open” Q at TimeShare.  YHC has not led the PAX up north for a while so YHC took it! Around 8:30 PM YHC typed up his tweet of acceptance and let everyone know that a clowncar would pick up any takers at 4:50 am. My finger hovered over the tweet button for a few seconds, then the deal was done!

YHC recently created two new workout routines, Twenty-one’s with a Twist & Last Man Standing, and they were so well received at The Village I figured I would import them both to TimeShare. The men at TimeShare are always willing to try something new. Besides YHC already had all the coupons loaded in his truck from earlier in the week.

YHC swung by the Clowncar rendezvous point, Dunkin’ Donuts, at 4:50 sharp and saw a completely empty lot. I waited maybe 1-2 minutes for any stragglers then proceeded without company to TimeShare.

As I arrived at the AO, an unfamiliar family minivan was not only parked in the lot but was occupied. This was a good sign. As YHC exited his truck he met Kodak who was DR from F3Boone! This was his first time posting to an AO outside his region, so YHC especially wanted to make the experience memorable.

Next to arrive was Viagra, then Burgundy and Honey Don’t. Beaker was the final PAX to arrive and firmly planted the Shovel Flag.

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 25 SSH IC; 10 Merkins IC; 20 TTT IC; 10 Merkins IC; 20 Imperial Walkers IC; 10 Merkins IC; 15 Windmills IC; 10 Merkins IC; 20 Hillbillies IC; 10 Merkins IC; 15 Tempo Squats IC; 22 Merkins IC; 10 Merkins IC

Note: Viagra informed me that the Merkin Challenge was over, however, little did he know what was in store for the rest of the work out!!

PAX were instructed to mosey over to YHC’s truck and each PAX needed to grab a coupon/weight of his choice. Honey Don’t without hesitation grabbed the Big Bucket, while others grabbed an assortment of plates, bars, and smaller buckets.


Twenty-one’s with a Twist:  Each PAX lined up with his coupon/weight on east side of parking lot. The PAX were instructed to do 1 Rep of the coupon/weight then mosey to west side of parking lot for 20 Merkins (1 Rep + 20 Merkins = 21) . . . then mosey east for 2 reps . . . then mosey west for 19 Merkins . . . on & on, etc, etc . . . until we get to 20 reps of coupon/weight on east side and 1 Merkin on west side (20 reps +1 Merkin = 21).

The Twist was that each time the PAX came back to the east side of parking lot the PAX would rotate north and grab a different coupon/weight.

Exercise #1 – 25 lbs Overhead Press

Exercise #2 – 35 Lbs Plate Curls

Exercise #3 – 25 lbs Bucket Shruggs

Exercise #4 – 25 lbs Tricep Extension

Exercise #5 – 45 lbs Straight Bar Curls 25 lbs Bus Drivers

Exercise #6 – 60 lbs Bucket Squat

To reach 20 reps the PAX needed to rotate through the exercises 3+ times . . . everyone pushed hard and was glad when we made it to single digit Merkins! But as the Merkins got easier, the weights got harder! Everyone was smoked by the last set

10 Count . . . move the weights out of the way and line up shoulder to shoulder

Last Man Standing

PAX competed head to head against all other PAX in a varied of exercises. If a PAX lost the heat then he did a consolation exercise AMRAP until the competition was finished. All remaining PAX continued to compete doing the same exercise until the was one PAX left.

Competition #1: Bearcrawl

Consolation Exercise #1: SHH

Kodak was the 1st victim, then Honey Don’t dropped out during the second heat. Beaker did not last through the 3rd heat and YHC was eliminated in the 4th heat. Viagra & Burgundy were pitted against each other in the finals, however, Burgundy edged out a win by about 1 length

Last Man Standing #1 – BURGUNDY


Competition #2: Overhead Block Press

Consolation Exercise #2: SSH

For this competition all PAX circled up with a 25 lbs plate except Viagra & YHC who chose 35 lbs plates. Each PAX in turn called out 10 reps, then the next PAX called 10 reps. If any PAX missed a rep or otherwise fell behind in the cadence he was out of the competition. Burgundy was the first to drop out, then Kodak. YHC was next to go. Viagra put up a good fight with the 35 lbs plate but had to give it up to Beaker & Honey Don’t. When the dust settled, Honey Don’t was the victor!

Last Man Standing #2 – HONEY DON’T


Competition #3: Tricep Extensions

Consolation Exercise #3: SSH

For this competition all PAX rotated to the right for new weights & circled up with either 25 lbs plate or 35 lbs plate. Each PAX in turn called out 10 reps, then the next PAX called 10 reps. If any PAX missed a rep or otherwise fell behind in the cadence he was out of the competition.

All PAX seemed evenly matched until we hit forty reps (just like at The Village) then the PAX fell away quickly and it was down to only two, Viagra & YHC. Viagra would not be denied this round and won the competition.

Last Man Standing #3 – VIAGRA

10 Count . . . Coupons/weights were returned to the truck . . . Beaker had to leave . . . remaining PAX circled up for Mary

Mary: (1) 15 Flutter Kicks IC (Quaker) ; (2) 15 LBCs (Kodak) IC; (3) 12 BBS IC Burgundy; (4) 11 Freddy Mercury’s IC (Honey Don’t)

Time Called


Announcements: Convergence at Warthog for 4th Anniversary of F3GrandStrand next month, check website and slack for details. The Murph at BombSquad at 5:30 & at Warthog at 5:30 and 7 am this Monday (Memorial Day)

Prayers: Spoken and unspoken

Moleskin: Great meeting Honey Don’t and Kodak today. Strong push by everyone. Total Merkin Rep Count = 292!! Looking forward to my next visit. It was an honor to lead!



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