Merkin with a side of Surf & Turf

Merkin with a side of Surf & Turf

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high-intrest, Karma, Billboard (respect), Stewy, Lombardi, Franklin, Turn & Cough, Bubbles, Varsity, Hamburglar, Headgear, Welcome back Strikeout, Cheesy Biscuit, Boxcar, Bling, One-Call

The Thang:

A beautiful cool morning at Warthog, 40 ish low, to medium humidity.

Passed Hamburglar and Franklin at the turn in at Market Commons Running hard as usual. Did not get there pace time but about 4-5 miles from what Hamburglar said.

Pax started to arrive 10 mins early as par or Warthog, Karma up to his usual cheery mood as he rolls out of his car. I could tell he was worried about running.

at the 5 min mark, most had arrived. I do believe I had never met Cheesy Biscuit, and from what I was told Strikeout hasn’t been here for quite a while as he emerged out of the blackness of the parking lot.

A quick hello to all was given and the work out started.

Disclaimers where given.  ( As I felt it should be given. being my first time.)

Billboard started in on me early with the way I was conducting my VQ. mumble chatter was already beginning. I would expect nothing less form all of the fin Gents we run with at warthog.

moved over to the good part of the parking lot where there is less gravel to slip and fall in. the Circle of Pain started.

S.S.Hs 25

imperial- walkers -15

Through the tunnel-15

and the staple of the work out the one call seem to enjoy

5 merkin hold plank, move to diamond merkin, 5, then wide arm merkin for 5

finished with with

little baby arm circles

cherry pickers

and OHP

I had an Indian run planned but being the first Q I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to get through the workout.

We moved the crew over to the bridge for what I like to call a Surf and turf buffet.

squats 25

then bear crawl to the middle of the bridge

3 burpees

Crab walk to the other side and hold the plank for the 6

finished with 25 tempo squats.

moved to the four corners area where the first of 2 sets occurred

1st set

Carolina Dry docks 25

Big boys 25

jump squats 25

and the staple of the workout

10 merkin, move to diamond, 10, and 10 wide arm merkins to finish.

after a 10 count round 2

dips on the fountain wall, 25

Prison squats 25 good forms by all, especially Hamburglar, wow what a squat.

Burpees 15

and then the staple

10 merkin, 10 diamond, 10 wide.

I circled all up in plank and took a page out of Billboards ( respect) book  and took a moment to tell all the guys that have been pushing me what was going on with my Airforce works, and the issues with MEPS , my recruiter and why I was told MEPS was today the 19th and why it has changed.

The mistake they are making with not letting me in now. In time I am only going to get better.  when its time I will be taking souls.

moved back over to the bridge and ran the surf and turf in reverse.

25 squats

crab walk to the middle of the bridge.

burpees 3

bear crawl back down.

did one more round of the 10 merkins, 10 diamond, 10 wide arms. I think i took it down to 5. or 8 this wasn’t planned just trying to kill time.

the last 10 mins where a round of marry? I think that what we call it. PAX choice I called names or had them pick some ab burring work.

returned back to AO with 5 or so mins to spare. Bling and One call bugged out.

Name O Rama

Announcements on all the happenings. Football game now has time, Christmas Party,  Ugly sweater party, and so on.

Prayers for Chessy B daughter.

closed out and finished at 0605

It was an Honor to W for the first time and it won’t be the last.  thanks to all that continue to get better and push each other.

always remember

Be the man that proves not every man is the same.



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