Miles and Chad 1000x Prep

Miles and Chad 1000x Prep

Workout Date:





Kiwi(Respect), Penelope, Valvano, Headgear

The Thang:


AO: WaveRucker

Conditions: 69 degrees, clear, perfect

TexasRanger put the beatdown on us at Warthog yesterday and stepping off a curb, YHC tweaked his back. Fast forward to this morning and YHC could barely get out of bed and considered sending a Slack message telling the HC PAX that someone would need to take over but I worked through a ready state back protocol and felt that pop that I was looking for. Still a little tight but ready to try this out. Rolled up to the AO where Kiwi and Penelope were already getting out of their cars. Put my ruck on and felt okay so I should be good to go. Jeter rolled up and asked if we were doing PT since his should has been injured. Just miles and step ups today! No shoulders. Valvano rolled up and we’re good to go.

2 minute warning


Off we go down Forbus Ct. I tried to get us started at a brisk pace to get our blood flowing and heart rates up. Turn left on Farrow Pkwy, left on Meyers Ave. Penelope said something about Jeter falling behind. I felt like we were going fast and checked my watch. Pace was over 16 min/mile which is well below the 15 minute standard. I knew we would be stopping soon and Jeter would have his opportunity to catch up. We turned left on Pampas Ave and paused to look back then continued to the culinary school which was right at 1.25 miles.

No Jeter in sight. YHC sent out a text to see where he was. Jeter confirmed that we were moving too fast and he left to go to Bombsquad instead to hang out with Slaughter. Okay. Moving along- 100 step ups PAX choice on whether to do these weighted or unweighted.

Continue down Pampas Ave as it merges into Farrow Pkwy and down to Kings Hwy. Cross Farrow Pkwy at the light and make a left back up Farrow to Warbird Park.

We were at 2.5 miles here and completed another 100 step ups.

Continue to head inland down Farrow Pkwy, take a right on Shine Ave and a right on Mustang St. As we got close to the MBPD Annex, we noticed the fire alarm blaring and strobes flashing. Wow. Are we witnessing a major crime? Will a bunch of guys in ski masks come running out the door with the Police Chief tied up? Will we be mistaken for the bad guys? Our minds…or maybe just mine, got ahead of us. Penelope made a call to dispatch who was completely unaware of a fire alarm going off at the PD. The Fire Department should be here soon! So we wasted a few minutes but we need to finish this up. Finish the stoll down Mustang with a left on Airdrome Ave and another left on Corsair St on the other side of the police station…as Valvano said, ”to be sure we show up on every security camera.” Down Corsair, crossing Shine to continue down Knoles St with a right on Johnson Ave, left on Lewis St and right on Deville St to the movie theatre.

We were at about mile 3.8 with just enough time for 50 more step ups.

Head down Reed St, cross Farrow to Grand Lake, make a left. When we got to the bridge, we decided that we had enough time to continue the loop around the lake and head back.

We got back to our vehicles at exactly 0600. 4.7 miles and 250 step ups. Perfect timing!

Shout out to these HIM pushing it today. We did keep a brisk pace and knocked out 1/4 of the Chad 1000x. Penelope is still recovering from his broken ankle wearing a brace that apparently cuts all the circulation from his foot so that he cannot feel anything. Kiwi was in the hospital three weeks ago…well we kinda left him there in Boone because he was becoming dead weight as our driver for the Blue Ridge Relay. Valvano is always a stud and fast rucker so can’t give him too much credit there. He should have probably been faster. Thankful that my back loosened up and I was able to lead today.

Great work men!

Always an honor!

Headgear out!