Mini Marathon Team Training…….right Soto?

Mini Marathon Team Training…….right Soto?

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One Call, Lombardi, Valvano, Rousey, Disconnect, Headgear, Turn & Cough, Hoser, Bling

The Thang:

Waverucker Wednesday….Solid dudes, solid push, ready to roll for our 10/20 Mini event!

grabbed my cohort in crime (after his brief vaca) at 0405 and off we went to Warthog.  both were tired in the ride, although that’s all I can tell you about our conversation……#whistleblower.  weather about 69 and beautiful, but when isn’t it good weather to strap on a ruck and roll?!

Had a semi-plan put together after discussing with Hoser at yesterdays workout- thank you my friend!  Interval training, ruck, mosey, sprints, elevation.  Here we go

walk to the bridge- mumble chatter started early, but always does when Sotochaos is in the house…….  1.1 mile loop around the lake- we will fast ruck this in 15 minutes (immediately Lombardi took off!).  His pace was followed by the group, up to the point that Headgear took matters into his own hands and broke a “Major rule of Rucking” and left the pack behind to jog ahead to finish.  OUCH!  The remainder of the “team” finished right on time with a quick 50 yard mosey to make it in time!

SO- as punishment, I instructed the group we would overhead carry rucks to the parking deck- all but Headgear (although he didn’t want to be singled out here!). To the deck stairs for some elevation!

4 flights of stairs, the 1st 2 hitting every step up and down, the last 2 sets skipping a step up.  Out of the stairwell and walk/rest up the inclines to the top of the deck.  time for sprints.

  1.  75 % for a 75 yard sprint- run backwards to start.  75% for a 100 yard sprint, run backwards to start
  2. 100% for a 75 yard sprint and back.  100% for a 100 yard sprint and back.  Group Smoked- solid work here.

about 45 minutes left to 0600- we would simply ruck towards the planes and back.  great chatter rolling, especially around past events and hilarious stories (all revolve around T&C!).  Back to the AO slightly early (its OK One Call!) to circle up and chat.

announcements and prayers- and we are DONE.


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