Modified Murph

Modified Murph

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Quicksand, Malpractice, Beaker, Tweetsy, Hallpass

The Thang:

Showed up at 0555 and only one other down range Pax was there. Then the locals start rolling in around 0559.

Conditions are perfect for a nice jaunt and a Murph WOD.

Simple Backblast today with that workout.

COP: TTT ×15

Toy soldiers

High knees

Lbac forward and backwards (I messed up the count but I’m not sure if anybody noticed)

Now for the mile run. Our group is a little slow at running so we Indian run with the guy in the back doing 5 Squats.

To McLean Park for 100 pull ups, 200 merkins, 300 Squats.

Now to run back but due to limited time we took a shortcut.

Made one stop along the way to do ab work, then back to the AO.

Gave a quick message on Romans 8:7-9

Prayed out

For His glory!