Mogadishu Mile at the Village

Mogadishu Mile at the Village

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Brownbag, Quaker, Boxcar, Kitten, Redcoat, Beefsteak, El Redcardo, Abercrombie (Respect), Skidmark, Sunshine, Flyover, Rubber, Crankbait (QIC)

The Thang:

In honor of all who serve (and have served) our country, The Mogadishu Mile was chosen as the suggested Iron Pax workout of the week.  I was happy to borrow this hero workout for the day for my Tuesday Q.  HIM from the Village started to arrive around 5:20, as the heat and humidity began to rise.


1 minute warning



SSH x 25

IW x 20

Windmill x 15

TTT x 15

Tempo squats x 15

LBACF x 20, IR x 20

OH Claps x 20

Hand release merkins x 20 OYO


The Mogadishu Mile (modified):
1 mile run (4 laps around the AO)

50 pullups (sub burpees as needed) on the playground

Moseyed to the soccer field

4 rounds of:

25 traveling lunge steps

25 squats

4 rounds of:

25 merkins

25 yard sprint

Moseyed to the coupon stack, selected a coupon, and circled up

100 coupon squat thrusters

Circled up for 4 minutes of Mary:

Flutter kicks x 30

Turbo Freddy Mercury (thanks to Brownbag)

Crisp Boxcutters

Time called, circled up and prayed it out



  • Great job to all who participated and planned the Pelicans 2nd F event.  Glowing reviews from all who attended.
  • Get on the Q sheet at Village and Bombsquad


Always an honor to lead.

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