Catapult Chili Farts

Catapult Chili Farts

Workout Date:



O'Douls (QIC)


Texas Ranger, Crabs, Killington, Laces, Hedgehog, Rousey, Cross Stitch, Skimmer, Flatliner, SideOut, Judge Judy, Crop Duster

The Thang:

Condition- less humid than usual; high 70s

My once- a-month substitute Q as AOQ was off to a good start this morning with lots of PAX coming back out to the gloom. We had 3 bikers, some Kotters, a casual visit by Crop Duster and Hedgehog and the BS AOQ post this morning. I told a story that I appreciated everyone for showing up in the gloom and be accountable as I had a new hire that was starting this morning at 4am text me to say “I just can’t do it and make it to work” on his first day. He gets paid and these 13 PAX do not and they still made it out. Great job fellas. Keep up the commitment and hard work!

Mission and Disclaimer was given.


20- Hairy Rockettes IC

20- IWs IC

10 Good Mornings IC

15 Willie May Hayes IC

20 HBs IC

20- Shoulder Taps IC

20- Plank Jacks IC

15- BACs IC

15- Chinooks IC

15-Chinooks IR IC

30- SSHs IC

The Thang

Mosey to big parking lot and lined up on first parking lane line. At each parking line (17 in total), we did the following set of exercises: 3 Merkins, 3 Squats, 3 Big Boys.. I instructed the PAX to pick up the 6 if finished early. Hedgehog and Side Out were in beast mode during this set.

Slow walk to concession stand as our 10 count. The following set of exercises and mosey at 1) concession stand 2) side parking lot 3) cross (gave option to PAX to modify by cutting across the parking lot) and 4) back to concession stand:

Note- at this point, and throughout the set, the foul smells coming out of Killington’s ass was offensive to all 🙂

1st Round

Concession Stand- 20 Dry Docks IC YHC

Parking Lot- 15 Dry Docks IC YHC

Cross- 10 Dry Docks IC YHC

Concession Stand- 5 IC Merkins YHC

2nd Round

Concession Stand- 20 Tempo Squats IC Rousey

Parking Lot- 15 Tempo Squats IC Crabs

Cross- 10 Tempo Squats IC Rousey

Concession Stand- 5 Tempo Squats IC Crabs, 5 Dry Docks OYO

3rd Round

Concession Stand- 20 Flutters IC YHC

Parking Lot- 15 Flutters IC YHC

Cross- 10 Flutters IC YHC

Mosey back at your own pace to COT

Thanks for the cadence calling help gents!!



5 Flutters IC (to finish out above set) YHC

15 Freddie Mercurys IC- Cross Stitch

15- Penguins IC YHC




Announcements- 9/23 for Freed-to-Bleed, discussed EHing and being accountable to Q where needed, open 3rd FQ to replace Rousey and Pikachu, VQs at BS- Einstein 8/24 & Speed Bump 8/31

I prayed us out- Rousey’s 2.0 is sick and hoping to be able to make it to his Thursday football game; all PAX families’ health and support

As always, it’s an honor to lead. All got better #strongnumbers at CP