Monkey Humpers for Marathon Runners

Monkey Humpers for Marathon Runners

Workout Date:





Cubby, Malpractice, Quicksand, Chicken Little, Viagra, Manziel (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditons: Clear and around 48 degrees.

About 5 minutes out I receive a text that our AO is blocked off for runners so CL is heading to the park. This is the second time this has happened when I was on Q. Not so happy about it this morning since I had planned to go to the vista parking garage. Oh well…


SSH ×30 IC

LBAC (reverse) ×15 IC

Seal claps ×15 IC
TTT ×15 IC

Calf stretches right over left and left over right

Feels like we’re warmed up but also we have a decent run to the parking garage. Did not feel like modifying the workout.

On the way to the parking garage, Malpractice led and those behind Indian run with the last guy doing 3 Merkins.

We’ve arrived for our mental health challenge

1st floor- 22 Merkins
2nd floor- Wall sit for 2 minutes
3rd floor- Isometric Merkin for 2 minutes
4th floor- Plank for 2 minutes
5th floor- Merkins my count (very slow)

6th floor- Squats my count (very slow)

7th floor- Isometric calf raise for 2 minutes
Lunge to top
Monkey humpers ×15 IC

Chicken Little said he had to be back at the park by 6:45 to avoid the runners. We didn’t quite make it but in the way back we did stop at main street facing the beach and did 10 more monkey humpers for the runners.

We make it another block and Malpractice was supposed to be the lead but wasn’t so we stopped and did 10 more Monkey humpers.

Now back to the park. We still have 8 minutes so we do isometric pullups for 2 minutes. Once finished we did 20 picnic table curls. Then back to the temporary AO. Still have about 2 minutes so 20 more picnic table curls and then 20 dips. Time.

Malpractice was in a hurry to get to the Marathon so just prayed out.

Honor to lead for His glory.