Mosey Merkins, Mosey Freddie

Mosey Merkins, Mosey Freddie

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Candycane, Pikachu

The Thang:

So I had a great plan to do the Deck of death today and even had the good ole minions cards ready. Grabbed a couple of rocks to hold the cards down incase of any wind and sweet. I like the plan. So since it’s Thursday at Catapult and it’s usually just me and one other changing in the fly would be easy. Thursday’s must be everyone’s rest day. And with the threat of a wet morning topped with a fairly cold start probably wasn’t high on everyone’s list today.

It’s Showtime


15 SSH IC, 17 IW IC, Chinook Squats 16 IC, HB 15 IC, Batwings 20 Ea LBAC FR, Seal Claps, OHC

Mosey to coupon pile and off to the big parking lot.

Round 1 Deck of Death with a twist. Blocks are set half way in the parking lot and curls or tricep will be incorporated. The exercises as follows:

Diamonds= Merkins, mosey down and back

Hearts= Squats mosey to middle block and do same number of curls as Squats.

Spades=Flutters (2 count) with a mosey down and back

Clubs = Mtn Climbers with a mosey to middle block and do same number of tricep extensions.

Alright we’ll that’s not bad but needed something a little more challenging so  I resorted back to my football training go to non stop workout at a slightly slower pace then my twenties

1st Lap) Merkin mosey around entire AO which includes the church, and student center Parking lot and do 15 merkins and 15 LBC through the entire route. Non stop workout.

2nd Lap) Freddie Mercuries except this one was 20 Four count IC around the entire AO.

Ok lap two complete. Time to grab the blocks and head back to the invisible shovel flag.

Rectangle up, Count and name. Prayers and were out.




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