Mosey Mosey ring around the Posey (CFCC)

Mosey Mosey ring around the Posey (CFCC)

Workout Date:



Kiwi (2X Respect)


Candy Cane, Hedge Hog, Crabs, First Base, Sunshine, Quaker (Respect), Pikachu, Laces, Flatliner, Judge Judy, Side Out (Respect)- FNG, O’Douls (AOQ)

The Thang:

Weather:  Cool and dry 35 degrees really nice weather when compared to the 20s of February and the 90s of August.

I came rolling in hot and set up my Weinke cards around so I could remember what I had in store for the group. Great to see the regulars and some of the Bomb Squad HIM out supporting Catapult also big thanks to O’Douls / Killington / Flatliner – wasn’t real clear but glad to have the FNG – F3Side Out.

I announced the half minute warning followed up with Mission and Disclaimer.


20 – Harry Rockettes – I continue to improve my cadence since my stink on “Dancing with the Stars”  so received some high praise from Pikachu the ultimate cadence judge

20 – TTT, IWs, LBAC – F, R, squat shoulder presses, SSH

10 – Windmills

Finished up with 22 merkins to honor the veterans who commit suicide each day.

The Thang

A nice mosey after warm up I believe helps get you right with your breathing and ready for the meat and potatoes of the work out.  Also moseys help keep things moving so I had about a mile’s worth during this beat down.

Mosey around the church grounds to coupon pile – to get our blocks then to the Catapult Flag where we did 20 – curls, 15 tri-extensions, 10 overhead, presses – blocks down

Mosey to the Cross for 20 squats, 15 Bobby Hurleys, and 10 Merkins

Mosey to baseball diamonds 20 Big boys or 40 LBCs, 15 4 count flutters with an excellent demonstration of these shown with hands by Q (Not!), 4 count hello dollies

Mosey to recreation building parking lot – 20 Carolina Dry Docks, 15 SSH, and 10 Burpees with another excellent explanation on performing requested exercises that was rudely interrupted by PAX Pikachu – but expected.

Mosey back to flag for a rinse and repeat with 15-10-5 reps for all exercises then one last curls for girls with 30 curls – returned blocks and Pikachu special – crunchy frogs to end with Mary.

Count O Rama

Name O Rama

FNG – Side out – Volleyball Coach extraordinaire!

Announcements – Q source, Christmas Boxes – keep them coming approaching 30, Every Man a Warrior Bible Study, Christmas Party Dec 11 Waterway Palms, N/S football game – December 4, Couples night with Pax & Ms teams for a scavenger hunt and fellowship December 4. Foster Hope Bicycle Drive.

I prayed us out with requested and silent prayers

Always an honor to lead at Catapult




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