Movie Quotes & Miles

Movie Quotes & Miles

Workout Date:





Headgear, Fergie, Valvano, Bling, Hamburglar, Candy Cane, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Elevation Runday

Conditions: Perfect

Our 1st round draft pick, Manziel (South), is out of town the next 2 weeks island-hopping in the Caribbean (I think) and was unavailable to host our weekly Wednesday “Run from the Sun” evening BRR training/pool party. 

Sure this type of training may seem unorthodox to a mere spectator but don’t be fooled!  This weekly routine has chiseled a rag-tag bunch of mostly middle aged men into ‘lean mean fighting machines’ much like our running hero, Dewey Oxburger.

What should we do? Was our mid-week run over?

In the immortal words of John  Blutasky, “Over, was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no! And it ain’t over now! Because when the going gets tough, the tough get going!!”

We needed the miles & more importantly we needed the frolicking in the pool afterwards! “Man, everyone’s gay once in a while!”

This is when our very own GrandStrand Bluto took charge of the situation and offered up Plantation Lakes’ pool as the rendezvous point! Thanks Bling.

A Magnificent Seven Pax rolled into the PL amenity center parking lot around 6pm with the intentions of starting our run by 6:15. The cast of characters were as follows: Headgear, Valvano, Hamburglar, Bling, Fergie, Candy Cane, and YHC. 

Boxcar was there too, but was unable to run because he needed to recover from an unsanctioned H.S. Girls Soccer Practice in Plantation Lakes.  Drifter had to bail out due to unforeseen work commitments. Baggage had Covid and/or Monkey Pox.  Pedro was once again unable to make the commute from Whiteville!

After  some mumblechatter; “I speak  Jive” and receiving our long awaited survival swag from Bling, YHC called out the one minute warning. We set our Strava and cranked up the music . . . and off we ran!

Leaving the PL parking lot, we turned left on to Wacobee Drive for about 20yds before taking a hard right onto Juxa Drive! “Ludicrous Speed, Go!”

We ran Juxa to the end of the neighborhood, then took another right onto a service road & up over a hump, that leads to Revolutionary War Way (RWW). “Hump, What Hump?”

After a short jaunt on RWW, we turned left into 10 Oaks Middle School and followed the road to the back of the school where we found a perfect bench overlooking the ever scenic SilverFox Lake. While enjoying the view, each Pax did 50 step-ups as we waited on the Six.  When the six arrived, they were also instructed to complete 50 step-ups, too.

As the Six completed their 50 step-ups, the rest of the Pax cruised around the Middle School car loop a bit Dazed & Confused from the humidity & heat.  We then re-grouped and ran out the winding road and back onto RWW heading west towards Carolina Forest Blvd.

Before reaching the intersection, we hung a left and did some trail running. “They said you was hung”; “And they was right.”   We briefly emerged once again in Plantation Lakes, at which time we immediately took a 2nd trail out of the neighborhood and onto the bike/run path that parallels Carolina Forest Blvd.

Here we ran along-side the berm for about ¼ of a mile. This was done purposely because YHC had promised the Pax that we would do Bank Jobs. “That’s right, we bad”. After crossing the entrance of Plantation Lakes, we continued to run for another 150 yds, then stopped and faced the berm!

YHC called out 10 Bank Jobs OYO – One Bank Job = Up and over the berm, then return up and over the berm to the start line. These were killers!!

Everyone pushed hard. As the majority of the Pax continued to meet the requisite reps, Bling pealed off and headed back to the PL pool to get the Mai Tai Cocktails ready for our poolside ‘meeting’. “Surely you can’t be serious”; “I’m serious . . .and stop calling me Shirley.”

The Pax finished between 7-11 Bank Jobs (Candy Cane is a show off!!), then we headed onto Amelise Drive, then onto Abington Drive. We continued to run Abington Dr until it intersected with Shoreward Drive. We ran down Shoreward drive as it snaked through the heart of Plantation Lakes; enjoying the water views on either side of us.

Around the circle with Ol’ Glory flying high we climbed a bridge then took a left onto Juxa Drive once more.  We galloped up and over a 2nd Bridge before turning right onto Wacobee Drive and into the parking lot.

7:03 pm – Time Called

We then toweled off and headed to the pool for some well deserved R&R , race strategy, and some deep philosophical discussions. “What do you mean? Writers don’t always tell the truth.”