MultiDeck of Madness

MultiDeck of Madness

Workout Date:





Boxcar, Brown Bag, Sade, Rousey, Runway, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: 74 degrees, cool, humid

Got a tweet yesterday from Hottub that the Hulkamaniacs would be running this morning. That sounded like a great idea . . . I’ve been less than sporadic in my attendance due to the conflict with Elite Friday, so a mid-week run would be a perfect fit. But before HCing, YHC thought he take a peek at the Q sheet for BombSquad. To my surprise (and delight), yours truly was on Q!! The run would have to be nixed for YHC. A Weinke needed to be created instead.

Last week or so YHC wrote a backblast and coined the phrase, “MultiDeck of Madness”. I really liked the sound of that term and it became my inspiration for the beatdown. The plan was to use the MultiDeck (comprised of 5-6 partial decks with multiple jokers and face cards – approximately 120 cards total) to devise a work out that did not follow the typical Deck of Death format. YHC came up with 3 alternative Weinkes; I like each one so much that I decided to use all three. 3 Weinkes = 3 X the fun.

Next I DM’d Brown Bag and asked him to put together a soundtrack with Lenny Kravitz, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Billy Idol, the Cult, & similar bands. It was a change from my typical request for G&R, AC/DC, & Ozzie, but no less of an adrenaline rush!

YHC arrived about 5 minutes prior to go time and entered the Large Parking Lot to drop off the MultiDeck. I also place one lone cone in the middle of the parking lot, too. Truth be told the cone had nothing to do with the ensuing beatdown except for the psychological impact it has on the PAX. #KeepEmGuessing.

Arriving at the Shovel Flag Lot, I met Rousey and Runway. Runway is a runner, however, each Wednesday he posts at Bombsquad to mix it up & feel some different pain. Rousey on the other hand is not a runner (he mosey’s much faster now, however) and can dish out the pain as well as receive it!

Because of the Hulkamania Siren Call last night, YHC knew he would not be seeing TR or his Brothers-in-Law this morning. I also suspected that Sunshine & possibly Rubber would be joining TR and Hottub at the Hulk, too. YHC was prepared for lighter numbers today at BombSquad but had no worries because 2 or 20 PAX makes for a great start to any day.

Next to arrive was Boxcar, whom YHC has not seen since the 5 Year Anniversary Convergence. He’s been posting a lot with One Call & Bling now that they took him under their wing. Besides its tough not to post when these 2 drive up to your front door each morning . . . Question: has the Bromance expanded into a “Man-age ‘a trois”? You be the judge!

Brown Bag then arrived and cranked up a little sampling of the playlist – “Are You Gonna Go My Way”. Yes!!! That exactly what we need for this Beatdown! Sade’ rounded out the PAX just before the 1 minute warning.

The usual suspects: Skid Mark, ERC, Humpback, Hamburglar, & Beefsteak must be using Wednesday as a rest day. We missed you & you missed a great beatdown BUT the show must go on!

5:29 – One minute warning

5:30 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 20 SSH IC; 15 TTT IC; 15 Windmills IC; 15 Imperial Walkers IC; 15 Hillbillies IC; 15 LBAC IC; 15 LBAC in Reverse IC; 20 Cherry Pickers

Mosey to Coupon Pile, retrieve pavers (1 per PAX), & mosey to Large Parking Lot for main event.


  1. Black Jacks

All PAX circled up around the #MultiDeck and did ‘Choppy Feet’ (High Knees). YHC called out a PAX to enter the center of the circle and draw a card. If the card was red we continued with Choppy Feet;  If the card was BLACK we did 21 Plank-JACKS in cadence.

A Joker earned each PAX 10 Burpees OYO

Everything was going great: the music was pumping, the pace was fast, the Jokers were plentiful, and sets of plank JACKS pushed each PAX . . .then Siri began to complain about a weak battery and before too long our speaker went silent. Our music was reduced in volume as it continued to emanate solely from the phone speaker. Beggars can’t be choosers and you have to play the hand you’re dealt!

We did 2 Rounds with & without loud tunes: All tolled we did 40 Burpees; 63 Plank Jacks, and plenty of Choppy Feet


  1. 50/50 Chance of Pain

1 PAX would guess the color of the card (Red or Black).

Jokers = 10 Burpees

Round #1

If the PAX guessed correctly – PAX choice of exercise for 15 reps

If the PAX guessed incorrectly – 10 Blockees


There were only 2 correct guesses: Runway chose SSH for his exercise; Quaker by popular demand chose Blockees for his exercise

Total Blockees = 50


Round #2

If the PAX guessed correctly – PAX choice of exercise for 15 reps

If the PAX guessed incorrectly – Sprint ½ parking lot and back


Everyone guessed correctly!!!! – we did 15 SSH IC (Runway), 15 Tempo Squats IC (Rousey), , 15 Curls IC (Sade’), Overhead Press (Brown Bag), Mountain Climbers IC (Quaker)

Box Car guessed the correct color BUT it was a Joker, therefore . . . 10 Burpees OYO

Total Sprints = 0  . . . No Complaints


Round #3

If the PAX guessed correctly – PAX choice of exercise for 10 reps

If the PAX guessed incorrectly – 15 Merkins


Only one correct guess

1 Joker = 10 Burpees

Total Merkins = 60


  1. Suit Yourself

If a Black Card (Spade or Clubs) was pulled PAX were required to do 15 reps of designated exercise

IF a Red Card (Hearts or Diamonds) was pulled PAX were required to do 20 reps of designated exercise


Hearts: (1) Squats; (2) Lunges; (3) Bentover Rows


Diamonds: (1) Curls; (2) Triceps; (3) Diamond Merkins


Clubs: (1) Overhead Press; (2) CDD ; (3) Mountain Climbers IC


Spades: (1) Merkins; (2) Monkey Humpers; (3) Iron Mikes

We would work through each set of exercises as the cards dictate. If we did all 3 exercises of a suit and that suit was flipped again we did the 1st exercise again!


4 Clubs were drawn

1 Spades was drawn

1 Diamond was drawn

0 Hearts was drawn


Mosey back to Coupon pile and rack up the pavers


Mosey back to the Shovel Flag


6:15 – Time Called


Announcements: 2020 Dragon Boat has been canceled, however, the fund raising will continue.


Prayers for safe travels for Runway and his family. Prayers for Brown Bag 7 his M who will be hosting his daughter & 3 of her college friends for the week.


Moleskin: Great push today, however, our goal was to get through all 120 cards in the MultiDeck.  . . We came nowhere close! Total Cards flipped = only 24. That leaves 96 cards left for next time!







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