Music issues, Reindeer issues, BUT an Around the World Christmas Eve #Beatdown

Music issues, Reindeer issues, BUT an Around the World Christmas Eve #Beatdown

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Bling, Rousey, Lil Knob, Geno, Vitamin D, Rubber, Red Coat, Hamburglar, Quaker, Brown Bag (RESPECT), El Red Cardo, Beefsteak, Skidmark, Boxcar, Bobsled, Lombardi, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

47, clear

Good ole Christmas Eve!!!  A fun time to take a themed Q and have a blast.  Usually good numbers as our PAX that leave town are replaced by others DR here.  This morning we had good numbers – All Local!  17 total.  Great turnout.

I took a Q I have done in the past and modified it somewhat to let everyone push themselves really hard before they ate a ton of their kids’ cake and candy and were up all night downing red bulls and coffee and 5 hour energies putting stuff together!

I added some to it based on a callout from BlueGrass from his callout from Kentucky to do a load of burpees.  So I added in a bunch of burpees.  1,275 total for the group to be added to BlueGrass’ count.

I had tweeted that this was a great workout for novice (Geno) to expert (too many in this group to list individually).  Since it was a true you versus you as far as how many rounds you did, that was the plan!

1 minute warning

SSH x 20 IC
Burpees x 5 OYO
IW x 15 IC
Burpees x 5 OYO
TTT x 10 IC
Burpees x 5 OYO
Windmills x 10 IC
Burpees x 5 OYO

Mosey to far parking lot.  Circle back for Rousey.

We would be traveling around the world just like Santa does!!!
3 times for the Three Wise Men – 24 reps of each exercise except as indicated
The 4th round – for JESUS – 25 reps on this one!

AMERICA (Alaska): Merkins
JAPAN: Sumo squats
TURKEY: Turkish get ups [#Crowdpleaser]
AMERICA Again (Mainland): Carolina Dry Docks
NEPAL: “Mt Everest” Mountain Climbers – 2 count
RUSSIA: Russian twists – 2 count
MOROCCO: Moroccan Nightclubs [this was a new one for some of the PAX!  Hip Thrusting is fun]
CHINA: Great wall Jump Squats
BRAZIL: Brazilian crunches – Plank position; Cross leg to other side
HOLLAND: Windmills
SWITZERLAND: Swiss alps ski jumps
PUERTO RICO: J-Los [another new one for some!]
EGYPT: 20 pyramid push-ups
Perform 5 Push-Ups; Rest 5 seconds/count
Perform 4 Push-Ups; Rest 4 seconds/count
Perform 3 Push-Ups; Rest 3 seconds/count
Perform 2 Push-Ups; Rest 2 seconds/count
Perform 1 Push-Ups

ENGLAND: Lunge over the London Bridge
FRANCE: Reach up to the top of the Eiffel tower – Calf Step-ups
IRELAND: They oftentimes like beer – so they BURPee (But only 10 so they don’t #merlot)
KENYA: Run a lap around the parking lot

Back to the top!  Rinse and Repeat

At 6:10, to make it back, I stopped the circuit, and I tried to be a little creative to help Rousey, and I failed.  Or the PAX didn’t understand me.  Which means my explanation failed.  But it did allow us to get more burpees in!!!

The idea was for Rousey, who has to walk, to be Santa, BEHIND his reindeer like he ALWAYS is.  We were all the reindeer.  2 x 2.  Like they ALWAYS are.  Then the men at the back would run to the front, drop and do 5 burpees, while the men at the back now would do it again and again and again, so basically an Indian Run with burpees to slow it down so Rousey could stay with us.  Failed.  So we ran 1/2way. Did 10 burpees.  Ran to SF, did 10 burpees, then 5 more.


Count-O-Rama – 17
Prayer requests for Vitamin D’s FIL
Prayer requests for those traveling
Praise reports for the SUPER-M’s dealing with EVERYTHING during the holiday season!!!
Praise report for Lil Knob and his 1st semester at The Citadel!
Praise for JESUS and his BIRTHDAY and the REASON FOR THE SEASON!
Prayer requests unspoken

– Great time men. Sorry about the reindeer instruction or lack thereof.  But, burpees.
– Apparently, Amazon Prime “Christmas Workout Music” has NO workout music.  Instrumental love ballads sure.  Which was awesome during the Moroccan Nightclubs and J-Los, but otherwise just didn’t fit.  So after some tweaking, I just played Skillet.  I will note that Bling was asked to be in charge of the music since he has some great playlists, and he not only forgot his speaker, but completely forgot that I asked him to do that.  I asked him yesterday.  O well!
– Enjoy the day men!!!  Enjoy tomorrow!!!  CELEBRATE!
– 8 for impromptu #coffeeteria had a nice time!

– #3rdF starting back up in 2019 – look for information forthcoming from Vitamin D – a survey for days, times, etc. – Q source leadership development
– Bling has an ongoing local shirt, trucker hat, keychain bottle opener order.  Stuff is awesome!  Get with him
– Fill out the Q sheet for January!
– ALL AO’s closed tomorrow!
– January 2 at #BombSquad is the anniversary and changeover from Quaker to Skidmark as AOQ!


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