Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs

Workout Date:



1st Base


O'Douls (AOQ), Pikachu, Elmers (R), Skimmer (R), Candy Crane, Judge Judy, Crabs, Killington, Hedgehog, Laces, Jetah, Baggage, Rubber, Einstein, Box Car, 1st Base

The Thang:

Conditions: right around freezing, not much of a breeze.

After having tweaked a previous workout for my last Q at Catapult, I was due to bring something new this time around. Not that the wheel needs to be reinvented every time out, but I never want to let things get stale. After having success previously with Musical Dora, I concocted another song timed, AMRAP workout with a few twists to push the PAX and make sure everyone gets their money’s worth.

Pre-Run: Judge Judy, Candy Cane and myself started running about 4:45 and picked up Pikachu after a few laps and Skimmer joined in a bit later. I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed these pre-runs. As someone who generally loathes running, having some fellow Pax out there really keeps the motivation up.

20 Hairy Rockettes, IC
20Tempo Squats, IC
15 Through The Tunnel, IC
15 Windmills, IC
15Imperial Walkers, IC
30 Cherry Pickers
30 Side Straddle Hops

Mosey to Big Lots

The Thang

Musical Chairs (An Explanation) – A workout routine, set to music, for groups of three or more with a Pax each at two different workout stations doing prescribed exercise and third Pax that travels from one station to the other. When the third Pax arrives at the next station, he flapjacks with the Pax already there, performing the prescribed exercise while the other Pax now travels back to the station the third Pax began. This continues until the song ends at which point, whichever Pax is in transit performs a penalty exercise, in this case five burpees, while the Pax at the workout stations catch a blow. The penalty definitely had PAX pushing their mosey as the songs wound down, which was according to plan.

Set 1 (Sabotage, Beastie Boys)

Set 2 (I Wanna Be Sedated, The Ramones)
Hydraulics/Catalina Wine Mixers/Mahktar N’Diayes 
Chilly Jacks

Set 3* (Life During Wartime,  Talking Heads)
Mountain Climbers
Apple Turnovers (Crabwalk half the way, Bear Crawl the rest of the way) instead of Mosey

Set 4 (The Real Me, The Who)
Big Boy Sit Ups/LBCs
Heels To Heaven

Set 5 (Jumpin’ Jack Flash, The Rolling Stones)
Prisoner Squats

Mosey back to Flag

Mary (Pax Choice)

15 Box Cutters, IC (1st Base)
16 Outlaws, IC (O’Douls)
10 Partner Derkins OYO (Box Car)
15 Dying Cockroaches, IC (Judge Judy)
30 Flutter Kicks, OYO (Einstein)
1 Revolution around the circle of Tempo Lunge Walks, IC (Rubber)




2/1-2/28 – Shield Lock Challenge starts today, runs through February.
2nd F Lunches – Misson BBQ today (NMB), Dagwoods Deli tomorrow (MB), Grilled Cheese and Crabcakes Co Thursday (MI)
2/4 – Freed to Bleed, this Friday at St. Mark Coptic Church. 
2/12 BombSquad AOQ Handoff to Cross Stitch
2/17 Catapult – 3 Year Anniversary 
2/22 Catapult – Crop Duster VQ
2/24 Catapult AOQ Handoff to 1st Base
2/26 – 2nd F at Myrtle Beach Lanes, M’s and 2.0s encouraged\

YHC led us out in prayers for Humback’s grandfather, Sgt. Harris, Sunshine’s mother, my family as we grieve for the loss of my Two Momma (she was adamant she was too young and good looking to be grandmother when I was born)

Appreciate the strong turnout of HIM on a cold morning in February. The format seemed to be a success, though a few tweaks are needed here and there. Apple turnovers seemed to be everyone’s favorite, hands down…

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