My mistake is your fun

My mistake is your fun

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Hojo, Firstbase, Candycane, Pikachu

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AO Catapult

Humid and Humid

So I screwed up the Q sheet and didn’t read the correct date requested by Kiwi. He asked for the 23rd and apparently I thought it meant the 16th. Yeah that close. So after a Kiwi, O’douls, Pikachu text message banter I realized it was once again completely my fault. But hey I’m good with taking responsibility for my mistakes. Good job Pikachu, now I have another 22 merkin penalty for screwing that up.

Now rewind to 5:30 this am when I looked at my watch and realized we didn’t have a Q.  Thinking oh shoot, No Q, I’m the Q now! So I fumble though the proper disclaimer and well the men were more than patient with me. So thanks men for being awesome! Now I needed to once again step outside of my comfort zone like the challenge I have asked the men of F3 to do.

COP 15 Harry Rockets IC, 15 Grady Corn IC, 15 SSH IC, 10 IC LBAC F,R, Front Raises, OHC, 15 IC Tempo Squats

Ok let’s mosey to the cross.

Incline Merkins at the cross with a twist. Do one merkin on my down, and move left or right on my call. So everyone is doing rotating Merkins around the cross or stop and do Merkins in place on my call. How many did we do? Idk. 20-25.

Mosey to Bleachers, Time for some dips with a twist. Two guys on one set of bleachers. Do one dip and move left or right on my call, without falling off or Dips in place. How many….20-25.

Mosey to Student Center Picnic tables. 10 Decline Merkins IC.

Student Center Parking Lot for a quick set of sevens. I asked the Pax to give me two exercises. Diamond Merkins and Squats we’re thrown out. So From the student center to Small building we started with One Diamond and six squats. Nice quick set.

Mosey to Coupon pile, hold that thought took a quick left for a two minute wall sit with Arms straight out. And we talked about watermelons and musk melons. (Love me some watermelon and even got some free watermelon. Hell yeah!) Walls got me excited. Not going to lie. Now we can mosey to Coupon pile to see those amazing blocks. Boy I got excited. Heck yeah I though. Wish I saw them earlier.

Everyone get a cinder block.

5,5.5, 5 Merkins with right hand up on block left hand down, 5 Curls, 5 OHP. Another 5,5.5 with 5 Merkins left hand on block right hand down, 5 curls, 5 OHP OYO

15 Tricep extensions, fun to watch the pax figure this bulky beast out. OYO

Decline Merkins with a twist. Do one merkin and move right or left to complete a full circle of Merkins all while keeping your feet on the cinder block keeping your core engaged because the block would move as your rotated. 360 degrees of decline Merkins.

Still got time let’s mosey from coupon pile to small bldg and work our way back to coupon pile.

1) From Bldg to first light pole. Pax choice of Squat walk, Toy Soldier, Lunge Walk.

2)  Bear Crawl 50 feet.

3) Side Plank walk. Start with either left or right arm. Plank walk 50 left or right and plank walk left or right back to starting point.

4) Squat walk, Toy Soldier, Lunge walk back to coupon pile and put blocks back once arrived.

Mosey back to shovel flag for a quick round of Mary. Set a 15 IC maximum.

Pikachu 15 Crunchy Frog

Hojo 15 Freddie Mercury IC

Firstbase 15 Flutters IC

Candycane 15Boxcutters IC

Time Called

Count-O-Rama 4


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Prayers Kiwi son will, Family’s who lost all in recent fire. Unspoken

Today was a great day to lead. Try new things and ended up having a active fast paced workout with little down time. These men stepped up to the challenge of what ever crazy ideas I came up with. Today was truly an honor to lead these guys. The trust these men have is what I love about F3. Not knowing what random ideas I have next and me constantly think what can I do to next to taylor to each mans injury or limitation. Thank you #Catapult men for entrusting me to be your AOQ leader and today’s Q. Without you making this group awesome, there is no #Catapult.








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