Myrtle Beach Cloverleaf

Myrtle Beach Cloverleaf

Workout Date:





Lombardi (Respect), Geno (Respect, also second Waverucker in a row), Bling, Boxcar Fergie, Hoser (YHC)

The Thang:

Bling sends out the message yesterday asking what’s the plan. Not having one, or the interest to Q, I respond miles and a WOD or two. Guess that means I’m on the hot seat to Q. After getting a rough idea of the number of pax that would show up i sent a request for people to bring sandbags and got to work trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do.

I pulled into the AO a little before everyone else this morning to put the final touches on my Q. The weather was a humid 72° but when the breeze would kick up it would help cut the humidity and make it quite pleasant.

Fergie was next to arrive and we awaited to see who all else would arrive this morning. The YOP crew arrived minus Onecall who is enjoying his time in California and experiencing what a dry 100° day feels like.

An abbreviated disclaimer was given and we got to work. GORUCK did a 24 hour cloverleaf event not to long ago. This morning we would be doing some of those WODs. Of course we had to abbreviate them due to time constraints, and Bling’s complaining.

The first WOD would take place at the field. This WOD was named BANK after Colonel Aaron Back, The Father of Special Forces. Colonel Aaron Bank (November 23, 1902 – April 1, 2004) was a United States Army officer who founded the US Army Special Forces, commonly known as the “Green Berets”. The 10 count of the workout represents the asymmetric warfare mindset of naming the the 1st SF Group, 10th. DECEPTION is the reason why it was not named the 1st SFG. They wanted adversaries to believe there were 9 other Special Forces Groups.

“Dedicated adherence to spartan standards, maintenance of continuous operational readiness for the conduct of multiple, complex mission: complete faith in the capability to execute those missions and the willing acceptance of hazardous far beyond the normal call of duty have made the 10th Special Forces Group the unit with the greatest combat potential in the Armed Forces.” – Colonel Aaron Bank.

  • 10 ruck lunges
  • 10 sandbag overhead press
  • 1 lap with ruck and sandbag

When all pax finished we left the sandbags behind rucked up and went for a walk. We did a 2 mile ruck around the AO and ended in the 3 story parking garage. This is where the 2nd WOD would take place. This WOD consisted of:

  • 50 four count flutter kicks
  • 30 Supermans
  • Farmer’s Carry to the next Landing
  • 25 four count flutter kicks
  • 20 Supermans
  • Farmers Carry back down to the ground floor
  • 12 four count flutter kicks
  • 10 Supermans

This WOD was called FRY. Movements of this workout represent 2 of the best ways Special Forces Divers “get to work”- flutter kicks for diving, supermans for freefall. Fry was one of the first to do both.

Pax rucked back up and we made our way back to the track where our sandbags were waiting. This is where the 3rd WOD would be. This WOD is named GOODMAN, after MSG Nathan Lee Goodman. Master Sergeant Nathan Lee Goodman, Age 36, was born May 10, 1983 in Pasadena, CA; he passed away January 14, 2020 in Eloy, Arizona. Nate was assigned to Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) at Fort Bragg, North Carolina as the Operations Sergeant for Operational Detachment – Alpha 3214. MSG Goodman died in a free fall accident during a routine training exercise.

This WOD would consist of 4 rounds of:

  • 8 Ruck push ups
  • 36 Hello Dolly’s
  • 20 Meter Sandbag Tosses Out, 20 Meter Sandbag Tosses Back.

Once all pax finished, and by all pax I mean YHC, we circled up for some stretching. And finished with BOM and YHC prayed us out.

AnnouncementsFreed to bleed. Sign up.

Prayer Requests:  Valvano and Headgear and they head to the upstate to kick ass in the F3 Custom HTB.


This message was shares with me the other day and I shared it with the pax present today.

At some point in your life, or as in my case at multiple points in my life, you will ask our self ” am I “blank” enough. That blank can be what ever adjective you want: strong, kind, loving, smart. It doesn’t matter what the adjective is the answer to that question is no, you are not enough. But you and God are enough. There have been several times where I get myself into more trouble thinking I can handle this. I am enough by myself. No matter how small I perceive the situation to be i end up making worse. This is called the “Superhero complex”. This is what gets fighter pilots and firefighters hurt and killed. We believe that we are the hero’s, that we got ourselves into this situation we can get ourselves out. When you bring God along side you, no matter the size of the situation you find yourself in, you will find that God led you to the best outcome.

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