Need. Bigger. Muscles.

Need. Bigger. Muscles.

Workout Date:





Bling, Valvano, Billboard, Humpback, Penelope, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

52.  Wet – we were in the parking deck

Wolverine out.  OneCall in!

Had a plan in my head.  It worked out absolutely perfectly.  Very happy about that as were all the awesome dudes this morning who got much much larger!!!

All the usual KB weights were there, and a 20lb plate and a 40 and 60 lb sandbag.

1. Swings – warm up, 6 each arm, weights up to 50’s as needed or as you could do with good form.  4 rounds

2. Snatches – 6 each arm, whatever weight you want…over 60 gets very hard….4 rounds

3. Legs – Goblet Squats with bells and chest hold the 60lb sandbag for the squat – FULL ROM.  4 rounds x 6 reps

4. Back – 20s – bent over flies (6 reps) // 1 arm row on whatever else you wanted to use as high as you could do, use 2 arm if needed – 6 reps each arm // Farmer walk both sandbags about 30 yards, drop em, turn around, farmer walk em back

5. Chest – 30s, 40s, 50s, 80s – abyss merkins x 6 reps // 20s – diamond merkins on 1 x 6 reps // 100 – either press it or diamond merkin it x 6

6. Legs – 3 sets of 6 lunges each leg with bells, 20s, 30s, or 40s.  Overhead hold, regular hold, whatever.  Add resistance to your lunges
3 sets of 20 Calf raises with 100, 2×80, 60 lb sandbag

7. Shoulders – 20s – lat raises (6 reps) // 30s, 40s, 50s – double press x 6 reps // Double 80 or 100 – shrugs x 20 reps // Take that 20 lb plate, squat, hold out straight in front of you and “bus driver” it – twist it x 20 reps

8. Arms – Alternate between curls (style up to PAX) and tricep kickbacks or extensions with various weights, negatives as you get higher – use as many as you can for the final 6 minutes – get that final pump in.  Be sure to have 1 round of Triple Crush with one of the sandbags


Count-O-Rama – 6
Prayer requests for Jill and family
Prayer requests for Sam and family situation
Prayer requests for Penelope and hip and doctors and surgery!
Prayer requests unspoken

– A great pump by all!!
– So good to see Billboard back after the plague and being out for 3+ weeks!!!  Still huge.
– At some point Bling napped on the sandbags
– Valvano is slowly coming along with his merkin form
– Penelope was killing it today and it will likely be insane to see him after his bionic hip gets put in…don’t be near him when he’s doing thrusters!!!
– Humpback back for his 2nd week of KB’s and seems to be really enjoying it.  Hard to tell – he’s a happy guy all the time!!  But he really is taking to it and can modify one hard exercise for another to watch out for the bum knee….ie, straight leg deadlifts for squats.  Also a great break from 4 regular bootcamps in a row!

– Weedeater Q’ing tomorrow at #Warthog; Bike at 0515 or earlier with Billboard; Ruck at 0600 with YHC, Bling and Valvano
– Ground Zero Dragon Boat – April 27.  Brown Bag on Q.  Get with him.  DEFEND our championship!!!!
– We have a “networking/business directory” in our Slack Channel.  The linked is pinned, so get on it, and it can be a great resource for guys looking for someone in a particular field.




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