Need More Coupons

Need More Coupons

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Brown Bag


Rubber, Vitamin D, Cake Boss, Quaker, Kitten, One Call, Hot Tub, High Interest, Humpback, Crankbait, Buffet, Beefsteak, War Eagle, Brown Bag QIC

The Thang:

67* NICE!

YHC awoke at 0418, 2 minutes before the wake-up bell. Yowza! Off to a good start! Oops, forgot to turn the coffee pot timer on the night before and had to wait for the black gold. Luckily, Elvis cooperated and was able to stay on schedule.

Hopped into the car, backed out of the garage, drove down the street to the gate and BOOM, noticed tire warning light is on. Rear driver side almost flat. Quick U-turn and car swap. The joys of living in a construction zone.

Arrived at AO a few minutes later than planned but no worries. Had my beat down all dialed in…. so I thought. Oh, snap! My watch is in my car with the flat tire. No worries again as I asked OneCall to be my timekeeper. My beat down plan consisted of up to 10 stations and involved coupons at each station. Hmmm, 11th PAX shows up, 12th PAX shows up, 13th PAX shows up, 14th PAX shows up. RutRoe, there aren’t even enough coupons at the village to accommodate this many PAX! Time for a quick change of plan. Wheels are turning and time to improvise!

OneCall alerts me of the 1-minute warning.

0530? no, no no make that 0515 and we’re off!

Proper disclaimer given



20 IW IC

20 Hillbillies IC


20 LBAC in reverse IC

20 Cherry Pickers IC

Crankbait shares the 5 core principles


22 Merkins SC

Mousey to far corner of the field.

Jack Web Time

1 BBSU – 4 American Hammers

2 BBSU – 8 American Hammers

3 BBSU – 12 American Hammers

4 BBSU – 16 American Hammers

5 BBSU – 20 American Hammers

6 BBSU – 24 American Hammers

7 BBSU – 28 American Hammers

8 BBSU – 32 American Hammers

9 BBSU – 36 American Hammers

10 BBSU – 40 American Hammers

Mosey to soccer goal and bear crawl back

Circle up for High Knees a.k.a. Choppy feet with Burpees on YHC down call.

2 lines of 7 hold plank and PAX at the end crawls under and so on (in an Indian run fashion) so let’s call it The Plank Indian Crawl

Mosey to concrete pad in the parking lot.

4 Corners Time

Round 1

Fast Mosey to

Corner 1 – 25 Squats

Fast Mosey to

Corner 2 – 25 Merkins

Fast Mosey to

Corner 3 – 25 BBSU

Bear Crawl to

Corner 4 – 25 High-speed SSH

Round 2

Fast Mosey to

Corner 1 – 20 Squats

Fast Mosey to

Corner 2 – 20 Merkins

Fast Mosey to

Corner 3 – 20 BBSU

Bear Crawl to

Corner 4 – 20 High-speed SSH

Round 3

Fast Mosey to

Corner 1 – 15 Squats

Fast Mosey to

Corner 2 – 15 Merkins

Fast Mosey to

Corner 3 – 15 BBSU

Bear Crawl to

Corner 4 – 15 High-speed SSH

Circled up at the imaginary shovel flag

15 Hello Dolly’s IC

15 Star Angels IC (in honor of Kitten)


20 Freddie Mercury’s IC

22 Merkins SC


Qdrenaline was pumping this morning!


Date night – 5/11 at Liberty

QSource to follow


YHC prayed us out

Honor to lead!

Brown Bag










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