Never Forget!

Never Forget!

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The Thang:

One minute called then we pulled in for a tight circle. I was able to Face Time an FOB Iraq (OpSec reason for no name). We gave cheers and T-Claps and words of encouragement.

I gave what it means to me on 9/11. I spoke of heroes, patriots, and the unbelievable courage we witnessed. I admonished the PAX to never let our children and grandchildren forget what we witnessed.

I gave the full disclaimer and gave the direction to run to the Old Courthouse, get a coupon, and back to the sandlot. Three shovel flags ran rear guard, and our flags accompanied us for the entire beat down today. On 9/11/01 there was no time for a warm up, or stretching. The challenge was to be ready to put in the work when our moment called. I gave a brief description of the event, and we began. The workout itself really does not matter, it was the pushing each other between stages as we thought about the 110 flights of stairs. I called out our stair count as we moved around the sand lot. I kept reminding the PAX of the enormous efforts put in by those at Ground Zero, so how could we give anything less.

Each session was the same on timing. 30 seconds AMRAP, mosey up the “flight of stairs” to the next station and immediately restart the clock. It was six stations around the lot, and the rounds were this:

Round 1- merkins, arm circles front, merkins, arm circles rear, merkins, overhead claps.

Round 2- squats, plank jacks, squats, mountain climbers, squats, single leg lunges.

Round 3- LBCs, flutter kicks, LBCs, box cutters, LBCs, Hello Dollies.

Round 4 American Hammers, inverted bridge opposite toe touch, American Hammers, twisters, American Hammers, hollow body flutter kicks.

Round 5- all with coupons- curls, overhead presses, curls, tricep presses, curls, kettle swings.

I gave a slight disclaimer it was intentionally getting harder. As heroes ran up the stairs, it indeed got harder, and harder, and harder…..

Round 6- burpees, big boy sit ups, burpees, merkins, burpees, Turkish get ups.

Round 7- curls with coupon, jump squats, merkins, big boy sit ups, SSH, finish with burpees.

I said a few times you can do anything for 30 seconds, and of course, the mumble chatter was rampant!

We mosyed back to rerack the coupons, the shovel flags were our rear guard, and we reassembled at the start. My estimate was we did 165 flights of stairs between stations and the mosey out/back. My verse was Proverbs 18:10 “The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it and is safe.” After that verse, I have ZERO to say. That appearing as my verse of the day was a true mic drop and master plan of God to remind us- He is still in control!

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