New Directions lay claim to “The Pit Stop.”

New Directions lay claim to “The Pit Stop.”

Workout Date:



Papa Smurf


Kitten, Heinz 57, Big Love, Tuesday, Li'l Love (2.0), Luke Ritchie FNG (VA, The Lid Kid 2.0) Papa Smurf

The Thang:

Conditions: Mid 70’s and humid

After pulling in to the lot at 0700 for the 0730 start; grabbed the shovel flag in one hand and java in the other, YHC finally located a spot to plant the flag. Tried to EH a couple of men heading to the local convenience store for their morning brew. No luck on this day. Finished my brew and morning devotion.

#HIM’s start pulling in and coming out of “The Pit Stop”, greeted each other, fist bumps and the 1 minute warning was given.

At 0730, the DISCLAIMER was given


TTT x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

SSH x 20 IC

Windmills x 20 IC

Hillbillies x 20 IC

Bat Wings (Arms) Arm Cir (fwd), Arm Cir (rev), Seal Claps, Overhd Claps x 20 IC

Monkey Humpers x 20 IC

Pledge of Allegiance

The Thang

YHC decided on some Dora 1,2,3  this AM. Partner up and knocked out 100 Merkins, 200 LBC and 300 Squats. Good job men!!

Mosey over to picnic tables

Incline Merkins x 20 IC

Step Ups x 20 OYO 10 each leg

Dips x 20 OYO

Rosalita’s x 20 IC

Time for Mary…

Started off w/ American Hammers followed by, BBSU, Mountain Climbers, Side Arm Push-Up (Ouch!), Boxcutters, Sweat Angels.



Count-O-Rama 7 with 1 FNG 2.0 from VA


Prayer Request: “Survivor”, wounded Iraq War Veteran. Didn’t return to shelter Friday evening. Recently fell off bicycle and injured head. BOM by YHC


Kitten mentioned the Pelican Baseball evening on August 27th for all of F3 Grandstrand.


Papa Smurf



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