New Kids on the Block

New Kids on the Block

Workout Date:





Brown Bag, El Red Cardo, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: 35 degrees, dry

YHC arrived to an empty AO. I figured we would be low on numbers because there were multiple excuses in play. Excuse #1 – “Baby, Its Cold Outside”; Excuse #2 – “Blame It On the Rain”; Excuse #3 – “Up All Night”; Excuse #4 – “Sour Grapes”; Excuse #5 – “Its My Day Off”; Excuse #6 – “I Hate Monday”. I know all these excuses because they’re in my head, too! Today, though, I couldn’t miss the beatdown; not because I was on Q but because I wanted to share in excitement of Brown Bag & ERC for their NFL team’s historic wins this weekend! Their teams knocked off the old guard and are poised to become the New Kids on the Block!

For the first few minutes I mentally prepared for a solo Q, cranked up Pandora, and stepped into the Gloom. As I planted the Shovel Flag, 2 cars pulled into the lot and out jumped Brown Bag with his F3 Cleveland Shirt and El Red Cardo sporting his weight vest and Buffalo Bills Scarf.

Perfect, I could scrap the modified mental Q and follow the Wienke I devised the night before!! Here is what went down!

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Proper Disclosure

COP: 25 SSH IC; 15 TTT; 15 Windmills; 18 Imperial Walkers IC; 24 Merkins IC; 15 LBAC IC; 15 LBAC in Reverse IC

Mosey around perimeter of AO utilizing the new running path that parallels Carolina Forest Blvd. When we arrived at the Coupon Pile, each PAX was instructed to grab a Paver Stone (not a Cinder Block) and line up on the west side of the Shovel Flag Lot.


During the COP YHC asked Brownbag how many years have elapsed since the Browns last won in the Playoffs. He answered 18. Also during the COP El Red Cardo was asked when the Bills last won a playoff game. He answered 24 years ago. Great we had two numbers as our theme for the day.

The Plan was to work our way around the AO with coupons and periodically stop for an exercise. At the first stop, Brown Bag would call out an exercise and lead the PAX for 18 reps. At the next stop, ERC would call out an exercise and lead the PAX for 24 reps. Then the next stop would be led by Brown Bag, then ERC, so on and so on. This was the pattern we took around the AO until we arrived back at the Coupon Pile. Below are the exercises that were called out by Brown Bag & ERC

Feeling the Pain of the Browns & the Bills

18 Blockees by Brown Bag (Way to Bring the Pain!!!) . . . Mosey

24 Block Swings by ERC . . . Mosey

18 Squats by Brown Bag . . . Mosey

24 Block Curls by ERC . . . Mosey

18 Mountain Climbers by Brown Bag . . . Mosey

24 Block American Hammers by ERC . . . Mosey

18 Merkins by Brown Bag . . . Mosey

Just when we were getting comfortable to Pain Dial was Cranked to 11!!

24 Burpee Parking Lot Block Push (the evil cousin of Parking Lot Burpee Shuffle) by ERC . . . Mosey

18 Plank Jacks by Brown Bag . . . Mosey

24 Rocky Balboa’s by ERC . . . Mosey

18 Step-up In Front of the Cross by Brown Bag . . . Mosey

24 Lunges with Rifle Carry down back Parking Lot by ERC . . . Mosey

Mosey to the corner of the Shovel Flag Parking Lot & Circle Up . . . Let the real pain for Cleveland & Buffalo fans commence!!!

SIXburgh – “Nickname given to Pittsburgh because the Steelers have won 6 Superbowls”

6 Overhead Block Press IC

6 Block Triceps Extension IC

6 Block Curls IC

6 Thrusters OYO

6 Alternating Block Merkins OYO

Return the coupons

6 Sprints (75 yrds at 75% . . . 75 yrds at 85% . . . 75 yrds at 95% . . . 75 yrds at 100% . . . 75 yrds at 100% . . . .75 yrds at 100%)

6:00 – Time Called!



Announcements: Freed to Bleed-3/2; Grown Ruck- end of April; Dragon Boat – tentatively April; MB Marathon – March

Prayers unspoken

Moleskin: Combined number of Superbowl Rings owned by Cleveland & Buffalo = 0 . . .but that’s all gonna end this year just ask Brown Bag or ERC!










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