New Year, Same Bells

New Year, Same Bells

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The Thang:

It was a beautiful Friday morning for Kettlebells. It’s been a few wroouts since YhC has posted a backblast, so my New Years resolution ea to start doing them again. All the Pax started to converge and spread out the bells in order.  Numbers have been great lately so I’ve been very happy about that. Start with stretching OYO to get loose.

The Thang

10 swings per bell up to the 50lber to get the boood flowing. This usually gets the heart rate up as well.

Nexy on to flow exercises 3 count each arm

Pow row into deadlift into snatch in to squat into shoulder press   Trom

the 20 to the 50

we then lined up in a row on our 6 and benched the 80 5 times while doing flutter kicks and passed it down the line to the end in back all while doing flutters

next would be man makers with a flow of reality and shoulder press  total of 6 count

next to finish the day we went to the heavy weight  70 and over and do 10 swing n rotate bells until all

have been used

COT and call the ball

It is always an honor and privilege to lead you men  it is great to see the progress we have made in the past year not only in numbers but in quality of workout.  Y’all are amazing and appreciate your harwork!



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