Next we will do…..”No we won’t – what’s the modify?”

Next we will do…..”No we won’t – what’s the modify?”

Workout Date:





Bling, Hoser, Jingles (RESPECT), Skidmark (1st time rucking), Boxcar, Flop, Geno, Flash, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

77.  Humid

Open spot on the Q sheet.  Our 4 man rotation here maxed out with 5 Wednesdays.  But Hoser, Bling and YHC always willing to take it, so no worries.  At the AWESOME #2ndF event Monday (#Pelicans) there was a lot of new rucker chatter – Skidmark, Redcoat, Abercrombie, a FNG that wasn’t quite ready to wake up early, but we tried, Rocky Top.  Boxcar was doing some heavy recruiting.  YHC said if we had new blood, I would Q and make it so they had a wonderful experience.  Boxcar indicated he definitely had 2.  Arrangements made to get extra rucks (crazy story – see moleskin); and it was on.  Well, 1 newbie showed – Skidmark, who’s a beast anyhow.  Look forward to hearing his thoughts after what he did sets in!  Hopefully the others will show soon enough.  The 0430 start really isn’t that bad.  And our core crew was there, minus Valvano for work reasons, Lombardi for a valid reason I am sure, Billboard in recovery from AR the past weekend, and Weedeater for absolutely no reason or excuse.  But 9 total was a great #WaveRucker morning.   Not sure where Nimitz has gone??

1 minute warning and Disclaimer

Ruck up; Grab the 4 coupons, head to the lake
Sandbags – 40, 58, 60
Log – 55

SSH’s – “With rucks on??”  Yes gentlemen – x 20 IC
TTT x 10 IC
Merkins single count x 15 IC
Squats single count x 20 IC

Grab the coupons and let’s go a half mile, then swap and finish the lap around the lake.  Let’s shoot for 16-18 minutes
Done.  15:07.  Nice.  Very nice.

Rucks off
Thrusters x 20 OYO
Swings x 20 OYO
Flutters x 20 IC – press or hold rucks
BBSUs x 20 OYO
Hold 6″ and get 20 ruck presses; if feet hit ground, start over – no feet hit the ground
Curls x 20 OYO

Now we do some other fun things – Rucks on
Bear crawl across the bridge; walk back across
Lunge across bridge; walk back across
OH Hold across bridge and back
Farmers walk across with right hand
Farmers walk back with left hand
Rucks on front – walk across and back
O look where our rucks are, we should do crab walks!!!
Crab walk only halfway, but if you put butt down, do 10 BBSU’s and then keep going – a little incentive
“I’m not doing those” heard from several PAX
“What’s the modify?” heard from others
100 BBSU’s is the modify.  Those modifying (you know who you are) – let us know when you finish the 100
The rest of the PAX did it without stopping!  But we all did 10 BBSU’s at the top anyhow

Ok…now; let’s set a time hack – Jingles chosen as TL
Coupons, 1.5 miles.  Let’s see what we do
Men were tired, the humidity was thick, the coupons seemed heavier.
27 minutes.  Very very nice.
Improve and Sustain given to Jingles.  #Educational

Coupons back to start and circle up
Thrusters x 10 OYO
Swings x 10 OYO
Flutters x 20 IC
Hold 6″ with 20 ruck presses, and then a variety of holds, up down, low, high, wide, together, all while holding and/or pressing ruck
Bling had stood up after the Hold and didn’t want to get back down so he just watched everyone’s form


Count-O-Rama – 9
Prayers for Bruce and stroke recovery
Prayers for Laura and upcoming recovery
Prayers for Schools, teachers, parents
Prayer requests unspoken

– Strong work by everyone today!  Rucking is great fun and hard hard work.
– Bling wrung out a gallon of water from his shirt right by Geno’s head.  #Gross
– Looking “Blingy” – this is what Bling told Flash when Flash was walking around topless – #PerfectPhysique – and told him he put on a few pounds.  As in, “Hey Flash, you look like you have put on a few pounds.  You’re looking Blingy”
– Boxcar had lots of fun with the log today!  He knows the suckage now.  It’s awesome that he is one of our newest ruckers and has posted at #WaveRucker more than Weedeater.  And also that he is trying to get new blood to try it out!
– Great job by Jingles leading everyone for the last movement
– Hoser and Flash are just beasts!!!  I am still waiting for the amount of weight that will slow Hoser down.  So far we know it’s gotta be more than a 100# sandbag
– Skidmark, as expected, did great – keeping the pace and taking on everything thrown at him
– Flop came in hot from Columbia getting a 2-3 hour night sleep like YHC usually does and then kicking tail!  When he set the pace….yeah, hey Flop, slow down!
– Geno drove the M’s car.  It confused us all.  He then worked out like we heard his M does, so that surprised us all too since it was about 150% more effort than he normally gives!  I kid.  Geno’s an animal too!
– Geno and Bling failed on bringing music.  #NoExcuse
– So Rousey is on IR, but somehow still posts.  But he can’t ruck cause he’s at like a 48 minute mile.  So he volunteered his ruck for one of the (nonshowing) new ruckers.  Told YHC it was grey and he would leave it on the base of his basketball goal cause it blended in and I could get it in the morning and hopefully nobody would steal it.  Well, apparently Rousey doesn’t trust his neighbors cause when YHC and Bling pulled in at 0400 to get the ruck, Rousey was perched atop the net.  How he got up there I have no idea.  But he was soundly sleeping like a cat curled up but clearly ready to attack anyone not authorized to get that ruck.  Amazing dude. Glad he recognized Bling or there may have been blood.
– Some of this Moleskin may contain #TruthNuggets

– HDHH tonight at 810!  From 5-7; M and 2.0 friendly
– Boxcar doing a survivor/suicide football pool.  Look for info on Slack or he will do a region news post


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