No Blocks for you!

No Blocks for you!

Workout Date:





Texas Ranger, Rousey Co 3Rd F Q (R), Flatliner, Sideout, Judge Judy, Killington, O’douls, Crabs, Pikachu Co 3rd FQ (QIC)

The Thang:


Conditions- Another muggy day

Another beautiful day in Carolina Forest. hot muggy, so humid you sweat standing around. and what are we doing, making ourselves better men. We do this for each other, ourselves, our health, our everything when times get really tough. you’ve got a brother to call on.

One minute warning

Alright time to go. I wanted to mix this one up. stray away from my regular block workout. I do a lot of blocks because so many workouts i go to dont do blocks but I wanted to step out of the zone. Mix it up and throw these guys for a complete loop.


15 Harry Rocketts of course, 15 Tempo Squats, 15 Imperial Walkers, 15 LBAC F,R, 10 Merkins OYO, 15 Mtn Climbers, 15 SSH all IC

Time to mosey and not to the block pile. Off to the cross and told the pax to mosey their pace. Wanted each pax to feel comfortable at their pace. I wanted to try something new today. So here we go.

Asked Pax to partner up. I personally really like partner work. Gives a good push and gets in the cardio we all need.

200 Single Count, modified Merkin. Or girly merkins according to Crabs. Partner 2 mosey around pond. This really sucked.

Feet against wall, basically in a bear crawl position, hands directly below chest, knees pushed out a bit, and do a Merkin.

Off to the front of the church

200 Single Count forearm thingy. Arms straight against wall, palms flat against wall, body about 35 degree angle. Push off with your hands. Burn those forearms out. Pax originally thought this was stupid until they did 50 of these. P2 mosey to end of parking lot and back. 

Mosey 1/2 around AO to block wall in the rear. P1 Wall sits, P2 mosey around church. Two rounds

Mosey back to cross

200 Tricep dips,  turn hands 90 degrees to keep the chest straight up and work shoulder/triceps. Partner 2 mosey to end of parking lot and back

100 Seated reverse crunch, P2 mosey to end of parking lot and back.

Mosey back to shovel flag and stretch for 2 minutes OYO.

Count-O-Rama 10


First BB in a while. Process has become more difficult for me but these are important. The support from the Pax today really humbled me. I always enjoy bringing new exercises and guys looking at me sideways. Like, what are you talking about?