No Bulk Just 100% Hulk

No Bulk Just 100% Hulk

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Sunshine, Kitten, El Red Cardo, Hottub, Quaker

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 66 degrees, clear sky, low humidity

The regular PAX who attend Hulkamania were all on a bit of a hiatus since our top 10 Finish for the Palmetto 200, however, after the race our attention quickly focused to upper body training for the GZ Dragon Boat Races!! If you,ve been living under a rock, We WON the GZ Dragon Boat Fitness Division for 2nd straight year & also took home the trophy for the fast time, too!! With these two events in the rear view mirror, its time to begin pounding the pavement in preparation for the MB 1/2 Marathon in October and/or the Hairy Bison 30 K Trail Race in November!! Its always good to have a goal/event to train for. #Motivation #Accountability. There were 4 HC given the night before and 1 MC (Mild Commit?? Maybe Commit?? Might Commit??). Is a MC stronger or weaker than a SC (Soft Commit), who knows?  Bottom line, our MC turned into a no show.  The 4 HC were Kitten, Hottub, Sunshine, & YHC.  El Red Cardo came out for the first time. ERC tried to down play his ability but his resume clearly states that he has run 1/2 marathons and a 1/2 Iron-man in the recent past and lets not forget that he just finished a trek along the Inca Trail up to Manchu Picchu!! (#sleeper cell). Simple stretches commenced and headlamps were activate, then we were off into the Gloom!  As always, the run is great, but the fellowship/mumble chatter is even better.


The PAX headed briefly down Frontage Road and under International Drive/Grissom Parkway before turning left onto Colonel Robert “Bob” Bell Path. Hottub let us know that High Interest was asking for the 1/2 marathon training schedule, so we anticipate seeing him running along side us real soon! As we climbed Mt. Jeb we also discussed having a designated Q for each Friday. This will not only create accountability, but also should increase variety in our run routines. In the past we discussed interval training and designated bridge work days, but these have never truly materialized.  With the new Q designation, who knows what type of runs we will do! Kitten jumped right in and announced that he will take the Q next week! (Tabata sprints, anyone??) (#We’llSee).

Up and over the bridge, we turned left and ran past the Barc Park and the YMCA, then right onto Clare Chapin Epps Drive (CCED) until it intersected with 62nd Avenue N. The PAX briefly discussed crossing over 62nd Ave and straight into the Del Webb Community, however, our trepidation concerning Pineapple Statues and/or getting lost made us take our usual left onto 62nd Avenue.

Down 62nd Ave we encountered our 1st turn-about and made the first right onto Marina Parkway (MP). As we ran along MP the PAX separated into 2 groups. It was no surprise that YHC was in the second group and it was very kind of ERC to keep it in low gear to keep YHC company. Kitten, Hottub, & Sunshine were 10-15 yrds ahead. When the PAX reached 79th Avenue turn-about we turned left  onto virgin asphalt through a new section of community that has not yet had a home built in it yet. It was a lovely run,  as we joked that the roads were put there just for the return of Hulkamania!  As we ran through this vacant community we were hopeful that the new road would re-connect us with our returned route, however, the road came to a deadend.

We turned around and back tracked towards Marina Pkwy. Once on MP the groups separated to about 50 yrd as the leaders tried to make up time on our return trip. By the time ERC & YHC turned left on to 62nd Ave, the leader group was out of sight. No worries, the slow cheetahs were having a great discussion of a book recommendation from Handy Manny called, “Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy Your Odds” by David Goggins.

As we turned onto CCE Drive, El Red Cardo had to pull off ala High Interest to have a brief meeting with Job Johnny. YHC was instructed to continue on and ERC would catch up!!

Up Mt. Jeb and down the other side, YHC passed Kitten on a reconnaissance mission to pick up the six. We passed one another, as he continued on for additional miles and to be ERC’s wingman and bring ’em in safely.

5.13 miles logged with run times between 8:43 minutes/mile to 9:15 minute/miles.

Announcements: VQ (O’Doules) this Tuesday (5/14) at 5:30 at #Caltapult!!

Prayers conducted by Hottub



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