No Burpees this morning…not really.

No Burpees this morning…not really.

Workout Date:



Rousey (Respect)


Quaker (Respect), BrownBag (Respect), Runway, DoughBoy, Crockett, O'Douls (CP AOQ), Jetah (2F Co-Q), Pikachu (3F Q), and QIC

The Thang:

Conditions: High 50s, dark with a gloomy mist at the Carolina Forest Community Church (CFCC) campus.

YHC had been on minor IR after jamming his knee at the inaugural Hightower memorial 5K and WOD earlier in the month and was glad to be back out in the gloom with the #HIM of #BombSquad (BS)!  YHC did have a newer Pax – Crockett (a work colleague) who was EH’d by YHC at the HT workout – join us after inviting him out yesterday with an assurance (deliberately vague tho) that we’d not do any Burpees.  YHC went with modified version of a tried and true circuit – B.O.M.B.S. – for this morning’s beatdown #weinke.

7 other Pax (besides YHC and Crockett) showed up.  Pre-workout #mumblechatter ensued, 1-minute warning, welcome to F3, mission, disclaimer, and then we got after it.

Warm Up:  An assortment of usual F3 GrandStrand (F3GS) exercises IC and OYO.

SEGMENT 1: B.O.M.B.S. – Ea. Pax grab an F3 cinderblock #coupon; go to the parking lot by the CFCC football field; partner up and spread out.  In a DORA 1-2-3 manner, the crew did the following:

  1. 50 (B)lockees per pair — one person doing reps., the other running to the CFCC field, across the width of the field to the middle and back, and tag and switch.  Technically not a true Burpee.
  2. 75 (O)verhead presses w/ a squat…essentially a thruster.
  3. 100 (M)erkins w/ one hand on block and the other on the lot.
  4. 125 (B)ig Boy Sit Ups w/ good form.
  5. 150 (S)quats w/ block.

*QIC had the crew pause and do sets of Flutter Kicks IC lead by YHC and BrownBag whereby we switched partners for the next groups of exercises.  This occurred in between exercises 2 and 3, 4 and 5 and after 5.

SEGMENT 2 “Jump the Fence 7”  Using the baseball field fence adjacent to the parking lot, QIC lead the Pax through a 7 where Pax completed 6 Merkins, jumped the fence, and then did 1 jump Squat.  RNR until the numbers are flip flopped with the total number of reps. equaling 7.  QIC had Pikachu lead the Pax in a final set of Flutter Kicks IC that went forever!

MARY (a few Burpees were called out — nod to HotTub).

QIC wrapped it up w/ light stretching.


COR – 9
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.

Announcements: A ton of awesome stuff put on by the new F3GS 2021 Shared Leadership Team!  Please get on Slack and see all the amazing events happening now and on the horizon from all the Fs …too much to list…YUGE!!

NMMS: Strong work today!  YHC broke up the exercises in the circuit to allow Pax to get a new partner and catch up a little or meet someone new!  #Mumblechatter hit an all time fervor level (in YHC’s time in F3GS) during the B.O.M.B.S. circuit…sometimes this adds confusion for the newer Pax who is already trying to decipher some of the strange F3 lingo used for exercises and commands…its all good…YHC does it too…just be mindful…aye!

NMMS2: 3 for a 4+ mile pre-run starting at Early Riser Diner to #BS AO — awesome!  And 5 for coffeteria later at Early Riser topping it off for a great start to the weekend!

Honor to lead!



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