No Man Knows When His ‘FINAL MILE’ Will Arrive

No Man Knows When His ‘FINAL MILE’ Will Arrive

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ERC, Quaker


ERC, Quaker

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 39 degrees; 100% chance of rain

Gotta text from Twitterless ERC yesterday asking whether YHC & the other Hulkamaniacs would running today. The answer was “Yes”! ERC was eager to run long & stated that he would run to the Hulk from his home in The Bluffs and meet the rest of us at the Hulk at 7am.

I put a call out to the other Sunday runners but there was no chatter one way or another. It seemed that everyone was hedging their bets due to the unfavorable weather conditions. It would be a game time decision for the others, as for YHC, I would be at the Hulk at 7am . . . rain or shine; hot or cold. This was perfect conditions for P200 Training!! (It was cold & raining!!)

As YHC drove down Frontage Road B-2, I passed ERC on his way to the rendezvous point at the Hulk. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the Hulk there was no one else there. I stepped out into the rain, walked across the lot & past the pavilion to meet ERC on Frontage Road at exactly 7 am.

ERC stated that he already had 1.25 miles under his belt and was looking to run 9 miles today. YHC took the 9-mile mark as a suggestion and we were off.


Frontage Rd –> Bob Bell Run Path ==> Clair Chapin Epps Dr. ==> west on 62nd Avenue N. –> north on Marina Pkwy ==> onto Almlfi Place –> continue north on to Marina Pkwy all the way to its terminus ==> turn around at cul-de-sac and begin heading south on Marina Pkwy –> turn west on Grande Dunes Blvd ==> up and over the Grande Dunes Bridge  at bottom of bridge we turned around and head back over the bridge –> turn right & continue heading south along Marina Pkwy ==> turn right on 71st Avenue and head west towards the Intercoastal Waterway –> at the Waterway we turned left on the run path & continued south ==> we followed the Waterway run path then ran into the parking lot of the YMCA –> turn right onto the run path past the Barc Parc ==> right onto Bob Bell run path –> up & over the bridge back to the Hulk ==> at the Hulk we turned right on Frontage Rd B-2 –> we then turned right on to Boat Landing Rd (into The Bluffs) ==> right onto Marsh Landing Rd (strike up David Goggins’ Podcast)–> left onto Captive Row ==> right onto Bluffview Drive –> left onto Royal Bluff Dr. ==> Right onto Avenue of the Palms –> right onto Edgecreek Drive ==> right onto Turtle Cove Drive –> right onto Bluffview Drive (Drop ERC off at home with a fist bump)==> right onto Royal Bluff Drive –> left onto Avenue of the Palms ==> left onto Boat Landing Road –> out the back gate of The Bluffs ==> right onto Frontage Rd B-2 –> finish at the Hulk.

9:08 – Time Called

The Numbers: 13.54 Miles; 9:29 pace

Note: No man knows when his ” Final Mile” will arrive. It could be at mile 9 or many more there after! Therefore treat every mile (all 5,280 feet) of your journey as if were your last!! Run fast & stay hard!

Tclaps to ERC for pushing hard today. Not only did we get in 13+ miles, but we did it together; each man pushing the other just a little bit further. We finished strong with a little help from an inspirational podcast!

Other potential name for this BackBlast – “Joggin with Goggins”

Moleskin: There’s nothing more motivating than a HC. A hard commitment in writing and transmitted to the other Pax muzzles your Joker and makes it easy to get up, get out, and get better. Next time you’re on the fence about posting, contact a fellow Pax and get him to HC, once he HCs you’ll be locked, too! It works every time & is a win/win situation.

If you’ve been missing days (or weeks) its time to phone a friend and be accountable. If you notice that someone who has been working out with you for weeks/months/or years is no longer in the Gloom, give him a call, HC, & give him a reason to get back out with the PAX.

Unfortunately, SadClown Syndrome is never cured; however, it can be held in remission indefinitely through the simple act of HCs by each one of us! #SYITG




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