No One on Q So…D.O.D.

No One on Q So…D.O.D.

Workout Date:





Flyover, MousePad, Quaker

The Thang:

Conditions: Clear and cool.  I showed up 5 min till and was by my lonesome, with about 3 min to go an unfamiliar car rolls in and an unfamiliar PAX steps out.  I introduce myself and since he has F3 name assume he’s from out of town.  Im a little embarrassed that theres no Q scheduled and its just gonna be me and a dude DR for the beatdown.  Just before time, Quaker shows with the shovel flag and Flyover shows just before COP.  I had already decided that Deck of Death would make good beatdown on the fly and had just downloaded deck App for the iPhone.  Sidenote: there are a few WOD deck apps for the phone that may be customizable for good D.O.D. beatdowns.

COP: courtesy of Flyover



5 burpees OYO

Windmill 15 IC

Lil Baby arm circles 15 IC

Over Head Claps 15 IC

Lil Baby Arm Circles 15 IC reverse

10 burps OYO

Mosey around AO and back to big parking lot

All PAX lined up on side of big parking lot for D.O.D.

Rule of engagement: parking lot divided into thirds by parking lot lines.

Spades: burpees, reps= card i.e. A=1, 2=2, J=11, etc.

Clubs: bear crawl to first line and squats, reps number = to card as above

Diamonds: toy soldier march to second line, diamond merkins = to card

Hearts: run across entire parking lot, BBSU = card

Mosey back to flag with 3 min left.

arrived at Flag with 1 min remaining for Mary

Flutter Kicks 30 IC


Moleskin:  as found out throughout workout with a bit of chatter, MousePad was FNG on opening day of Bombsquad never to return again (he was sore for days, time just slipped away, 2 years later….).  As it turns out One Call has continued to EH him at church and that sad clown came back.  Moral of the story: Don’t give up EHing Sad clowns and Kotters.

Announcements and prayers!

Coffeteria to follow!



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