No Q, No Problem

No Q, No Problem

Workout Date:





Single Barrel, Sawdust, Candycane, Pikachu

The Thang:

So I figured I would end up Qing today since there was no one on the sheet for today. I had some stuff prepared but basically figured we could wing it and make this work.


15 SSH IC, 15 IW IC, 15 HB IC, 15 LBAC  F,R, 15 Predator Squats.

Mosey to pile and grab a block

Round 1 Walk to back of church and get a set of 11’s going. Start and rear church entrance and mosey to small house. Let’s do SSH and Squats per Single Barrel choice.

Round 2

Grab blocks and find a piece of wall behind church. 20 Curls and 20 OHP OYO, while sitting against wall and hold wall for 30 more seconds.

Next 15 curls IC, 15 bus drivers IC while holding wall sit, hold wall 30 more seconds once complete

Next 10 OHP IC and 10 Lion Kings IC, Hold wall 30 more seconds.

Next 10 Front raises IC and hold wall sit for 2 minutes, taking wall sit deeper and deeper feeling the leg burn.

Round 3

Mosey to cross

20 Dips and Toy Soldier towards pond and back

20 Dips and Squat walk toward pond and back

15 Incline Merkins Lunge Walk towards pond and back.

15 Decline Merkins mosey around circle

13 Wide Arm Decline Merkins and Mosey around Circle

10 Decline Merkins and mosey around circle

Grab blocks and mosey back to coupon pile and back to Invisible shovel flag.

i asked Single Barrel to lead us off in Mary and well he took control of the whole ab workout.

1) 15 ea LBC, Penguins, Heels to the Heaven, Roll on side, hold legs in air and do side crunch for both sides.





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