No Running-No Problem

No Running-No Problem

Workout Date:





Quaker (BombSquad AOQ), Buffet, Rubber, War Eagle, Boxcar, Chewy, Beefsteak, Crankbait and Kitten

The Thang:

Conditions: 70s, clear and slightly humid.  SC hot and humid Summer days are on the horizon!

Great to be back Q’ing the Village with old faces and new!  YHC running days are on hiatus until he can properly strengthen his knee to the point of a possible return or ultimately getting a knee replacement.  So, a no running-no problem weinke was prepared.  YHC decided to dust off his 70lb bucket for PAX to carry.   This segment (out of consideration to newer PAX) was scaled down.  The bucket, however, sat prominently in the middle of the COT area for PAX to wonder during the beatdown when it was going to be rolled out!  #mentaltoughness.  PAX arrived; even numbers great!

1 Minute warning.

Welcome to F3, disclaimer, mission and we got busy…

Warm Up:

OYO 20 – 25 reps. of SSH and divebomber Merkins; IC 20 reps. of TTTs, Windmills, Imperial Walkers and LBACs forwards & back.

Finally OYO: 22 Merkins continuing to bring awareness to the 22 suicides /per day statistic by our Vets battling PTSD and related ailments.



Circuit 1: Partner 1/P1 does 10 Burpees while partner 2/P2 planks; swap out until total number of Burpees is 60.

Circuit 2: (swap partners/SP): P1 does 1 minute Wall-Sit while P2 does Big Boy Sit Ups, swap out until total time of Wall-Sits is 6 minutes.

Circuit 3: (SP): P1 does 25 Scorpion dry-docks while P2 does Heels 2 Heaven, swap out until total number of SDD is 150.

Circuit 4: (SP): P1 does 25 Squats while P2 does LBCs, swap out until total number of Squats is 150.


One PAX (batter) carried the bucket up and back the length (almost) of the church’s/AO parking lot.  Second PAX (on deck) did LBCs waiting on the return of 1st PAX.  Rest of PAX (in the hole) were doing wall-sits and shifted down on the return of 1st PAX.  We only had time for 1 round.  The #mumblechatter was great encouraging each bucket carrying PAX!


YHC/QIC called upon various PAX to lead a quick round of Mary.  QIC finally wrapped it up with “One Up” – YHC threw out a number of Merkins to complete as our final exercise; the other PAX would”one-up” it by a higher number and so on.  2 became 10 then 20, 24 and we settled on 25 since we had just completed a round of Merkins in Mary as well as throughout the beatdown.

Time.  PAX smoked and not a dry shirt.

Count-O-Rama 10
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.

Be sure to check out our regional website and get on Slack.  3-year convergence at WH on 6/9, Iron Shovel PAX, beach workouts on Sundays throughout the Summer, and mid June family beach cookout & CSAUP,

NMMS: Overall the intensity level from the PAX was awesome!  I enjoyed and was inspired watching the PAX handle the bucket.  Its not an easy lift since there are no handles.  And being a cumbersome object, it slowly wears down the carrier.  Picking it back up after dropping it from fatiguing just well…sucks (been there brother).  Great mental fortitude by all PAX during this segment!!

Lots of opportunities to Q during the summer months — jump in, lead, and have fun!



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