No, we said the pedal on the left, not right! Timeshare 09/05/17

No, we said the pedal on the left, not right! Timeshare 09/05/17

Workout Date:





Cubbie, Burgundy, McTwist,

The Thang:

With no Q on the schedule, YHC decided that with no Q stepping up, we would just make everyone Q it thanks to inspiration  from Dredds Q-source 3.15 on OPPORTUNITY.  As you will find out that could have been very, very painful without some re-direction. It was a great time of learning and getting better together.

Conditions: Cool and not too humid.

Good thing for Cubbie and McTwist pulling in at 2 past or YHC would have been on his 2nd blind date of the week.  #GuessImEasyOrUgly


30 SSH IC,

22 Merkins.


Mosey to the playground at McLean park carrying 2X 25lb dumbbells.


Go around the circle and 1-up the last persons exercise.  Everything is 4ct cadence so everyone gets a chance on Q and practice counting.  Go through all exercise commands Next Exercise is….. Starting Position…Move…IC… Exercise.  The idea is that each man will have to command an exercise in a rotation fashion and the number of exercises keeps getting higher until someone can’t hack it and we all go for a recovery run.  There was some idea about the dumbbells there too but ditched that after the accelerator got stuck to the floor.


YHC started with instructions then 5 4ct clap merkins IC.

Went around the circle 1st time with some more SSH’s, merkins squats.

Then cubbie ups the ante with 15IC  LBCs

Mctwist called 20 butt kickers.

YHC called 21 squats trying to put the breaks on.

Then Burgundy (his  6th?? post) inadvertently hits the gas instead of breaks and drops the hammer with 25 burpees. The car lost traction and whole thing went downhill from there.  #crowdpleaser

Somehow we finished up the last rotation of that somewhere in the 30’s and YHC pulled the parking break early.


We carried these dumbells all the way over so time for some curls.

4 station rotation.

1 PAX does curls until they are done.

PAX 2,3,4 do BBS, reverse crunches and LBC changing exercise each time the man on curls swaps out.

Rotate PAX on curls until all have done a lap.

Next rotation is

PAX 1 runs to the pavilion and back while:

PAX2 does curls

PAX3 does pull ups

PAX 4 does step ups.

Rotate each time a PAX returns.

Mosey back to parking lot.

Plank rotation Regular, left arm up, face up, right arm up, regular switching at 30 sec intervals.


Announcements:  New AO, Leadership change, TEAM DAD on Sept 19th.

Prayer:  Burgundy and M have added 2 foster kids to the 2.0 collection.  Prayers for he and M in transtion.

Prayers for widsom and justice with DDS, judges, and the mank kids affected.

Burgandy closed us out.

Great to lead and see then men at #Timeshare step up and grab the reigns today.



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