Nobody likes sprints, so we sprint

Nobody likes sprints, so we sprint

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First Base, Kiwi (2xR), Jetah, Brown Bag (R), Rousey (R), Flatliner, Judge Judy, Side Out (R), O'Douls, McCormick

The Thang:

The summer doldrums have kind of taken their toll on Catapult, with numbers hovering around 6-7 guys most mornings. A Challenge was sent out to pump the numbers up a bit and I appreciate the response- 11 men altogether saddled up for a partner beatdown. Thanks to Kiwi for coming back to juice up the numbers. Also thanks to McCormick who I had not met yet but has been to this AO twice. 24 years old, runs like a deer.

We did 7 rounds of partnered-up exercises. One was resistance/core and the other was mostly cardio.

P1- Merkins while P2 did a 90 degree block carry, 15 curls, then a 90 degree block carry back to the start. Then partners switched exercises.

P1- BBSU, P2- 2-block carry

P1- Plank Jacks, P2- lunge 10 yards, run down and back, lunge final 10 yards. I forgot my latter set of lunges TWICE b/c I was in a total fog this morning; thanks to O’Douls for the reminder and keeping me accountable.

P1- OH press, P2- Ball field lap

P1- Deep Squat, P2- Lunge/run/lunge

P1- Curls, P2- ball field lap

P1- Burpees, P2- Lunge/Run/Lunge

Then we proceeded to the field where (obviously) I had a few cones set up. Still with our partners, partner 1 did a 40 yard sprint and a jog back, while partner 2 held plank. So you were kind of in a sprinting starter stance when your partner got back. It was at this point that I learned Judge Judy’s first 20 steps are Usain-Bolt fast. He may taper off the last 20 yards but he ran like McLovin in Superbad for the first part of the sprint.

Image result for he's the fastest kid alive

After 3 rounds we did a 10 count, then all lined up for a final sprint and jog back.

After racking the blocks we circled up for core. 1st exercise Pretzel Crunches x 10 each leg with a 3 second hold elbow to knee. First Base called Box cutters. Kiwi called Rubber Kicks, after which point someone needed a 10 count

It was me, I needed a 10 count.

To bring it home Jetah called something like Rows? Rowers? Either way they’re a good one, it’s like a Crunchy Frog but you extend your body all the way out before crunching your legs and upper body back in.

Lots of announcements. Give Blood next Month. Judge Judy is doing a trial run of a Friday bootcamp at Catapult/Bombsquad for those looking for a local alternative to the running group. Starts tomorrow so go support him if you can. There will be odd warmups for sure.

Prayers for Mary, Kiwi’s kid up in the Big Apple. Prayers for the Brooks family who lost their patriarch. Love and comfort for them going forward.

I didn’t feel my best this morning but I’m here to tell you I feel better now than I did at 5am. A Beatdown and some commiserating with the guys will do that for you.

Have a great day and rest of the week.