North End Pax Merge Thurs 1/20/22

North End Pax Merge Thurs 1/20/22

Workout Date:



Chicken Little


Burgandy, Malpractice(respect x3), Trust Me, Handstand(respcet), Cubby, Quicksand, Viagra(respect)

The Thang:

Conditions warm 50’s clear

Fantastic gloom weather

Arrived 5:10
Pax were sliding in left and right
Chicken little was on Q – Flag was planted

Timeshare is a prized location for many many pax near and far. Our numbers flux with the season and can be scarce at times but we always, always have something on the chisel!

The past few months YHC has been rallying some #HIM from Faith church in little river where my family serves. Back in October we started meeting at the church parking lot for a Friday beatdown. I looked forward to the Friday beatdown and several did post, then the holidays plus the vid lowered turnout.

Tuesday weasel gave an audible, stating it would be a good idea to invite the Friday pax to join the Timeshare crew, create greater numbers on Tues./Thurs./Saturday for momentum purposes.

So the Faith Pax were all in …. Today was great with 8 …. All got better!

Missing a few and missing i mean both, not present and we miss Enron, Beaker, and of course Weasel who’s been here but wasn’t today.

The Thang
Timeshare AOQ on Q!
Started off with

Side Straddle Hops IC x20
Imperial walkers IC x20

Mosey time
Malpractice took the lead while rest of Pax followed, Indian run of sorts, back of line pax drops does 2 merkins then runs up to front of line behind MP, continue this all the way to Avista garage!

All arrived together
* Bear crawl up the stairs 8 flights
* Mosey down Ramps stopping at each level 5 Merkins all the way to 0
* Back up Regular climb this time (Gassed a few of us)
* Mosey down Ramps stopping at each level 5 Merkins all the way to 0

Indian run back toward AO
* Each pax followed malpractice / Last guy in the back drops does 2 Merkins then run up to front behind MP repeating over and over till stop
* Stop at Fences
* Jump or crawl under each fence approx. 8 , at each one do 2 burpees or modify squats
* Turn it around and repeat back

Continue Indian run back to AO following MP as before
* Stop at Parking lot , jump up on curb, Do calve raises till chicken little stops
* Incline merkins on fence IC
* Mosey Back in formation to AO

Back at AO with 8 Min to go
* Pax choice
* Burgandy – Windmills
* Malpractice – Merkins
* Trust Me – Super man with a twist! literally great exercise!
* Handstand – shoulder taps
* YHC – Merkin as each core principal is named off
* Quicksand – Plank till time
* Viagra- Freddie merkins
* Chicken little – Plank till

1. Free of charge 2. Always Free to all Men 18 + 3.Peer lead in rotating fashion 4. Rain or shine Hot or Cold 5. Always ends in a circle of trust

Prayers all sick and recovering
For our families and lives we get to have
F3 pax that meet all over the us and abroad

Freed to bleed Feb 4th Pick a time to give
Shield lock challenge
Burpee challenge Feb 1st

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