Not a BackBlast, but a DISCOUNT CODE

Not a BackBlast, but a DISCOUNT CODE

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Brother Si from the Midlands



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Brother Si and his crew have gotten a Safety Gear Group Discount that he asked that we share here.  Check the product out.  If you like it, get a discount!!  Here is the post:

With the recent accident in Lexington, we are encouraging all pax to review their safety protocols. Many of us have seen the Noxgear lighted vest on other runners, walkers and bikers. Noxgear makes a quality product that is very visible from all directions. Check out their gear here. Our brother Skunky has worked with the good people at Noxgear to secure a group discount for us.

Simply register at  under our running group, and they will email you a coupon code good for 35% off.

If for some reason, link not working. Try this one:
Group name is F3 Nation / FiA


Once the first 20 are sold, they will send us a free vest which will be raffled with benefits going to Cheech’s family. After that, for every 10 sold a $50 gift card will also go to his family. To date, we are at 130+ vests purchased, meaning we have received the free vest (raffle details forthcoming) and $550 in Visa gift cards which will be donated to Cheech’s family

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