Not Enough Abs

Not Enough Abs

Workout Date:



Candy Cane


Candy Cane (QIC), Hamburglar, Fergie (R), Headgear, Manziel (R), Karma (R), Houdini (R), Pikachu

The Thang:

After 4 pax pre ran 3-5 miles we ran back into the parking lot at the AO to see a few pax patiently waiting at the flag for the 7:00 start time. Some mumblechatter was had and YHC called a one minute warning and moved all pax over to the end of the field where we would spend our time for the first part of the beatdown.

COP- 22 Burpees

Luckily we had an even number today to make things easy so pax partnered up for some high rep DORA.

DORA- 200 Merkins, 400 American Hammers (Single Count), 600 Squats, 800 Mountain Climbers (Single Count). Opposite partner runs roughly 50 yds down field and back. During the DORA work Karma was apparently doing his own thing which consisted of various ab exercises and some of the instructed exercises mixed in and kept mentioning that the problem with most pax and the workout today was that we dont do enough ab work. All pax helped pick up the 6 to finish out the high reps (for those who cant math well the reps including the burpees equaled 2022) and then were instructed to meet at the base of Mount Myrtle for some 11s.

11s- BBSUs on one side of the hill and Freddy Mercs on the other starting with 10 BBSUs. Wasnt the original plan but apparently we needed to do more ab work according to Karma so YHC pulled an audible and added some extra ab work in.

Slow mosey to flag and time

YHC prayed us out