Not epic as normally is 💪👌😣!!

Not epic as normally is 💪👌😣!!

Workout Date:





Headgear, Karma, Billboard(respect), Wolverine, Fergie, Disconnect, Hamburglar, QIC-Jingles(respect)

The Thang:

Well pulled into temporary lot at 810 to Billboard stretching his old bones.  Unusual to not see Karma napping in vehicle prior to beat down.  It was a beautiful 72 degrees and little humidity in air to prepare for workout I joined Billboard with some stretching my muscle and bones as well.

Didnt have an epic workout planned for this one but, something to get blood flowing and get some muscle groups worked since most have been lounging at home with kiddos, wife, dogs/cats, in laws, etc through all this pandemic.  So as we stretched few started showing up one by one to total eight just before start.

One minute warning, disclaimer expressed verbally during this time.  Then the thing begins!

SSH- 25

Imperial walkers- 20

through the tunnel- 20

hill billies- 20

flutters- 25

LBAC- forward- 20.   Backwards-20

mosey towards parking garage through garage to Valor Park for some four corners.

#1- merkins. 25

#2- Big boys. 50

#3- Squats. 75

#4- American Hammers 100

back start plank until all back

round 2

#1- hand release merkins. 25

#2- 2 ct flutters. 50

#3- prisoner squat 75

#4- LBC’s. 100

back start plank until all arrives

round 3

#1- diamond merkins 25

#2- box cutters 50

#3- squats 75

#4- hello dollies 100

back to start plank until all arrives, mosey back to 810 lot.

count off 8, namarama, announcements Murph discussed, which will start at original AO lot, which after that AO will start from there from then on.  Prayer requests Jamie (Hamburglar friend), Virginia (headgear client) , normal ones and unspoken.  QIC took us out in prayer 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Always an honor to lead and be a part of this such large group of men!!

I appreciate all of you!!

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