Not Hop Scotch

Not Hop Scotch

Workout Date:





Sunshine, Quaker, Brownbag, Hamburglar, Geno, ERC, Humpback, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: Clear and a cool 62 degrees.

BombSquad is an AO full of coupons, space and possibilities. YHC took on a “BombSquad VQ” here as a self made challenge to Q at other AOs. The regular BombSquad PAX are a fit bunch so a beatdown that they could appreciate was needed. Rumor was that Rubber smoked the PAX here with his Q two days ago and they were looking for more.

YHC rolled in to the AO at 0505 and the parking lot was virtually empty with the exception of Quaker’s truck and Hamburglar’s car. They were out in the #SuperGloom getting miles in. Nantan, Sunshine rolled up about 0510 and as time got closer YHC that it would just be us, until Geno rolled in followed by Brownbag, Humpback, ERC and then Quaker and Hamburglar ran in out of the gloom! Wait a sec…Geno’s At BombSquad??? Made sure we had even numbers and its time to go!

2 Minute Warning


SSH x35 IC
1 Burpee
TTT x20 IC
WM x20 IC
2 Burpees

Indian Run Counter Clockwise around the AO.

Pick up Coupons.

3 Burpees

25 Coupon Curls
25 Coupon Tricep Extensions

Pick up Coupons and mosey to the cross.

4 Burpees

OverHead Coupon Carry Indian Run continue around AO and make a left as leaving the baseball fields to the parking lot. Put Coupons down.

5 Burpees

11s set up across parking spaces.

OverHead Coupon Press —> Burpee Broad Jumps across the parking spaces —> Squats

6 Burpees

Coupon free Indian Run around the AO

Back to Coupons

7 Burpees

25 Coupon Curls
25 Coupon Tricep Extensions

8 Burpees

20 Coupon Curls
20 Coupon Tricep Exentions

9 Burpees

15 Coupon Curls
15 Coupon Tricep Extensions

10 Burpees

10 Coupon Curls
10 Coupon Tricep Extensions

11 Burpees

Mosey to return coupons

PAX Choice:
Geno – 30 American Hammers
Quaker – 30 Flutter Kicks
Humpback – 22 Merkins
ERC – 12 Burpees

Time called.

Announcements – Christmas Party, CCU Game, Brown Bag’s Birthday Q on Monday at BombSquad, Headgear’s F3 Anniversary and special Veteran’s Day on on Saturday at Warthog.

Prayers – Spoken and Unspoken.

YHC had a blast today!  The HIM at Bombsquad are always ready to drop and do 100 burpees at the drop of a hat and ERC proved that when he finished off the beatdown with 12 burpees as the final PAX choice after we were all smoked!  That just tops off just about everything YHC could have said here but will finish with Geno’s comment after the last 12 burpees, “I love surrounding myself with men just trying to better themselves”.
It’s always an honor to be able to lead these HIM!



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