Not too much Elevation

Not too much Elevation

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Bling, Boxcar, Lombardi, Flop, Baggage, Jetah

The Thang:

I haven’t posted at elevation monday much and thought it was time to return to Q. We have been rucking with the MLK Challenge a lot and I realized that i am not in good rucking shape to do a ruck event. We went at it hard when prepping for the Grow Ruck in Myrtle Beach, I wanted that feeling again. I looked around the GO Ruck pages for workouts and found one I liked.

A good crowd showed up 8 PAX, not everyone had a sandbag but they all had rucks they could modify with. The modify didn’t look any better than what was called for, sorry fellas. We warmed up with a lap around the track (ruck only), then another lap with the ruck and sandbag.

When that was done the real work started.

2 Rounds of…

30 yard sandbag toss out and back

15 Cleans

10 over the shoulder tosses

20 4 count flutter kicks

then a mosey to the other end of the field and back 200 yards total – after the two rounds we did a recovery lap with the ruck

Rinse and repeat for 2 rounds and a ruck lap. Everyone was crushing it so we did one more round with a ruck lap for 5 total rounds and one mile ruck.

Jetah and Baggage barely broke a sweat, we forget what 30 year olds can do. Flop and First Base killed it with the modify and the rucks. The bear crawls were not easier than the sandbag toss. Boxcar was well ahead of everyone, he is still fast. Lombardi quietly crushed the workout any issues. Bling not so quietly crushed the workout also, don’t let him fool you with all the chatter.