Nothing complicated here, or so I thought.

Nothing complicated here, or so I thought.

Workout Date:





O’douls (AOQ), Sprinkles, FNG, Single Barrel, Kiwi (R), First Base, Brownbag (Nantan) (R), Hojo, Buffet, Bikini Wax,

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Conditions: Cold

My monthly Q at good ole catapult. The group that has really excelled me to the next level. The group that if you need to modify them go ahead and take it as easy as you need to help keep you coming back. O’douls has done an amazing job EH’ing FNG’s and I honestly had a beast planned today but late Monday O’douls text me saying he had another FNG coming. Sweet, but also meant I couldn’t beat up on the boys like I wanted. Ever since the handoff I seem to get an extra amount of trash talking my way. Although I do instigate most of it so I’m good with that. And I had a good amount of payback from Buffet as he constantly made an effort to hijack the Q. That was well deserved and much enjoyed. If I’m not having fun, it’s not worth doing and the workout is just extra credit for me. The real glue is the men and the accountability.

One Minute Warning

Proper F3 Mission Statement and Disclaimer. Mission statement is extremely important when FNG’s are in the house.


15 IC of  Each, Harry Rockettes, Imperial Walkers, Tempo Squats, LBAC F,R,Seal Claps, OHC, 20 SSH

Mosey to Block Pile and I instructed the Pax to  grab a big block and mosey to larger parking lot.

Partner up P1 does 10 Merkins on the blocks, while P2 begins to mosey. The parking lot has been cut in half. When P1 finishes Merkins, he picks up his blocks and begins to mosey. P2 has to catch P1 and switch and do 10 Merkins. We do this until we reach 25. The Village guys figured this out really quick and it was easy when I introduced this exercise. The catapult guys, never had a chance at this exercise.I figured this would have been easy to do. But oh well, move on from this and simplify the exercises. Had to move back to basics here and abandon the rest of the Q I had planned.

Leave blocks and off to the bleachers, seven of diamonds as a group.

Seven Merkins IC at each base. I say down you say number. Some pax decided to say up and not count the number so next round i announced that if pax say up we do five burpees. And thank you to Brownbag for pulling through on this.

14 Flutters, thanks to Buffet. He was rubbing his stomach looking at me and basically would take no for an answer so IC we go at each base.  But for fun second base was five burpees.

Mosey back towards blocks and circle up at corner behind church by block pile.

50 IC Curls. One of my favorite exercises. Buffet was not overly amused nor was 95% of the Pax. Kiwi did keep pace with the smaller block but good job man. Put the blocks back and circle up at Shovel Flag

two minutes of Stretching as O’douls likes to be done with Count and name-o-rama, announcements and prayer by 6am.

Count-o-Rama 11


FNG naming, he’s a Regional or some big shot at Sonic so naturally we immediately named him Hedgehog. So welcome brother!


Hancher Bike Ride April 17, Freedtobleed May 12 and challenge for Freedtobleed see slack for details or hit me. I can help!

Prayers, Unspoken





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