Old School Day 5

Old School Day 5

Workout Date:



One Call & Bling


Brown Bag (Respect), Boxcar, First Base, Beefsteak, Mrs Doubtfire, Jingles (Repect), Yoda (FNG Respect)!, One Call, Bling

The Thang:

Star Date 2021, Monday……Day 5 of the infamous “Old School Tour of the AO’s”. Made our way to Bombsquad, which happens to be the closest AO to our houses!  (no wonder Boxcar drove….)

One Call and I have been having a blast so far, visiting AO’s far and wide and seeing old friends and new.  This is the best thing about hitting every workout each day- seeing dudes you dont get to see when you stay at one AO consistently.  So here we go!!

got picked up by Boxcar at 0500- he must of thought we were Q’ing at Timeshare (thats tomorrow in case you’re wondering!).  Pulled into BS with a lone truck in the lot- who could that be?  JINGLES!  Great to have this old school dude here for the Old School workout!  hoping his passport from Conway isnt expired- the dude has been taking over the Republic the last couple months!

After waiting 10 minutes for th e 1 minute warning, we had 9 studs show up- with 1 FNG that Brown Bag had recruited.  great work!

5 minute disclaimer was given by the “ON” (Original Naatan) for some reason or another….. and we jumped right into a solid COP


20 IW IC

10 merkins IC

20 tempo squats IC

20 Flutters IC

20 Hello Dolly IC

15 LBAC forward, backward (while OC went over the F3 Mission) IC

15 Overhead press (in low squat form) IC


15 Windmill IC


25 LBC IC.  solid COP!!

mosey over to the baseball field to begin the punishment.

Round 1:

Line up on the 3rd base side facing right field.

bear crawl to 1st base/2nd base line- 10 merkins.

lunge to end of infield- 10 squats.

crab walk to mid right field- 10 BBSU

mosey to fence and back to beginning.

Round 2:  same exercises with 20 reps per stop

Round 3:  back to 10 reps per.  smoked!

PAX on 6 for a brutal round of 6”- look at the stars!

Suicides- you vs you!  infield and back, open gate and back, fence and back- great push dudes!

I then split the PAX up into 3 teams for the infamous relay race!  3 teams of 3 worked out perfectly.

backward run to infield and back, karaoke to open gate and back, sprint to fence and back (pay attention Brown Bag!!).  our team won easily- no thanks to Beefsteak who was slacking…..again….!  love the push and completion when we do this together.

OC led us again on his brutal 13 slow, painful, agonizing, torturous, and all-together terrible merkins- BUT, when we honor those fallen, we do it, and do it right!  SOLID.

just about time, so lets mosey back to the flag for a couple minutes of devotion.  I read my devotional again (I think only Boxcar and Beefsteak had heard this prior), about men depending on other men, community, etc.  Hope that resonated with some of the men today.  Appreciate each of you.

Praise/Prayer/Fellowship- Time!


OC and I are having a blast- only 38 more sites to hit!!  We both aren’t sure why we have so much running in our Q’s!  but we will be fit and lean by the end of the week!  He pushes me, I annoy him!

Brown Bag- always great to have at the workout- positive attitude!!

Beefsteak- please keep your shirt on, you scare off the rest of us.

First Base- quiet assassin!  doesn’t say much- but hits it hard!

Boxcar- he drove us…….

Mrs Doubtfire- Stud pushing it hard today!

Jingles- love this dude- appreciate his push and laughter!

Yoda- FNG!!  State Trooper in PA.  does it all and very knowledgeable…..Yoda fit perfectly with his Star Wars shirt!

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