Old School Day 7…..or 27

Old School Day 7…..or 27

Workout Date:



One Call & Bling


Headgear (Naantan), Valvano, (1st F Q), Karma, (AOQ), Surf & Turf, Manziel, Franklin, Baggage, Bob the Builder, Butch, Bodet, Hard Hat, Drip, Mader, Banjo, One Call, Bling

The Thang:

Star Date: Forget- days running together…..

Location: Unknown- somewhere South…….

As the Tour continues I am slowly losing track of days and naps. Yet another reason to create my “Blinged” blog on recovery.  Will make sure I reread that Playgirl article and send to the Board for approval…….no pics.

As my trusty PIC grabbed me at 0445- he informed me we were headed to the Oyster!  Our new AO (new as in over a year already!) located somewhere between Georgetown and Awendaw…..or so it seemed to Siri.  37 side roads and turns later, we pulled into this gem of an AO and finalized the plan.  As total vets of the “Q” we took 3 minutes to walk around and make some modifications to the beatdown.  Dudes were rolling in and parking in another location (so they wouldn’t get a ticket!) as OC and I were taking off our pants and putting on our sexy 80’s headbands (mine seemed a little more damp than usual- side note).  Saw both Headgear/Valvano (ie Biden/Harris) in the circle of PAX and instantly knew we would have to bring it this am or face demotion yet again……  Another solid disclaimer given by OC, made verbal notice of our FNG (nice work Franklin) and began our COP.


20 IW IC

20 Merkins IC

20 Tempo squats IC

20 flutters IC

20 hello Dolly IC

15 LBAC forward and reverse (this is where OC quizzes the Board on F3 knowledge.  both Headgear and Valvano passed.  Karma a little off on F3 Credo.). Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.

15 Bragg cherry pickers IC

15 overhead press from squat IC


15 Windmills IC


30 LBC IC. Solid COP!

Karma- grab the flag and lets mosey to the beach.  (Flag always leads…..always)

planted flag about 20 yards from the surf for 7’s.  merkins on the flag and SSH at the surf.  Cannot mosey in between- must either run backwards, karaoke, or shuffle.  up and down the sand- nice work gents.

While I was making preparations for the suicides (very dark on the beach), OC led the PAX on a bear crawl/merkin routine.  Flag to surf bear crawl, merkins at the flag.  (2 times thru) I was now ready

Simple suicides- you vs you!  3 lines in sand, about 25 yards, 50 yards, 75 yards (which seemed longer….). Solid push on round 1!  as we were resting, OC led another round of Flag/Surf.  this time lunges backwards and forward with squats at the flag (2 times thru).

Round 2 of suicides- lots of groans, but lots of PAX pushing hard.  OC had to do his last round of Flag/Surf- this time with crab walks backward and forward with BBSU- 2 times thru!!  brutal!

we had 17 total for our infamous Relay- and on the beach made it awesome.  split the group up into 4 teams of 4, I made sure everyone was legit (OC has the right to rule on the next relay!)

backwards run to 1st line and back (25 yards)

karaoke to 2nd line and back (50 yards)

sprint to 3rd line and back (75 yards).  All pushed hard on this relay- giving it 100% percent and we appreciate!

Time running short- need to get back to AO to wrap this up!  OC ran ahead to both open the truck to let me get my devotional, but also to alert the cop that there will be no tickets given today!!  PAX circled up to count off.

Brought in Jake, our FNG.  great dude, works maintenance at the church, OC came up with Willie (apparently this is from Simpsons??- I have no clue as I dont watch cartoons anymore….)   prayers and announcements were quick- we were late and a few guys had to leave and 1 FNG had to merlot……  gave my devotion to a bunch hanging around- time was called!


great AO- Karma for all the crap he gets from everyone has done an awesome job building this AO up- solid!  Really great to see new faces and old- and as I’ve said earlier this week, one of the best things about Q’ing every AO, you meet new dudes and enlarge your circle of PAX.  OC and I encourage everyone to visit other AO’s and meet new PAX.

See you dudes next time as the Enterprise hits another AO…..Catapult!

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