Old School Tour Day #2

Old School Tour Day #2

Workout Date:



One Call & Bling


Papa Smurf (3X Respect), Blacktop (Respect), Cheesy Biscuit, Weedeater, Pearl, Swiper, Tinkertoy, Turd Burglar, Topout, Esau, Stickup, Methane, Birthday Boy, Mader, Smalls, Pluffmud, Closer, Butterfly, One Call, Bling

The Thang:

Day 2 Ship Log……Lost at sea down in Murrells Inlet…..

One Call and I are on the tour of the AO’s this week and next.  Today’s stop was down South, way down South at Blackbeard!  Picked up my partner in crime at 2am to make sure we got down to the SC/GA state line in time!

I dont get down to Blackbeard enough and thats a problem.  This AO has been smoking everyone with great numbers and Newbies!  We pulled in at 0520 (for the dreaded 0530 start time.  CHEESY!!), and there were a few cars in the lot.  Within the next 5 minutes, 15 cars pulled in and we knew there would be a crowd.  I mean, with Old School PAX running an Old School Q, we knew we would have close to the population of Garden City there!

OC and I had the Q written, needed some modifications as the crew grew larger- modify as needed.

Introduced ourselves after the 1 minute warning and then right into it!


20 IW IC

20 Merkins IC

20 Tempo Squats IC

25 Flutters IC

20 Hello Dolly IC

15 LBAC IC. (front and back)

20 Cherry Pickers (Bragg).  Loose and ready to conquer!  Mosey over to the baseball field.

1 lap mosey around the field together- line up on the 3rd base side of the outfield.

Round 1:

bear crawl 20 yards and 10 merkins

lunge 20 yards and 10 squats

crab walk 20 yards and 10 BBSU

run to the fence in center and back to the start line.

Round 2:

repeat exercises with all the reps now at 20.  groans from the crowd…..

Round 3:  (I ask OC if we should do another round with the time- he wants to go to 30 reps!  NO!)

repeat exercises with reps back to 10.  crowd pleaser….

Next we lined up on the 3rd base dirt infield for suicide runs.  3rd base and back, 2nd base and back, end of infield and back, fence and back!  men were smoked!  but great effort by all!

I had PAX count off in 4’s- with 20 total we had 4 teams of 5, perfect for a relay race.

  1.  backwards run to 2nd base and back- tag next partner
  2. karaoke to end of infield and back- tag next partner
  3. sprint to fence and back- tag partner

this was great watching the competition and camaraderie together- one of the great benefits of F3!  Cheesy said his team finished 1st, but I think our team won!  Great work by all

Catch your breath and walk back to flag.  (as I went to truck to get devotional and phone, OC had the PAX to tempo merkins!  this was hilarious as I was walking back to the group noticing all the PAX watching, kneeling, puking, etc!). TIME!

devotional read (you will all hear it this week or next), announcements and prayers spoken.  I prayed out for the group.  (Country, PAX, community, family, etc)

AWESOME morning down South- appreciate the hospitality and effort gentlemen!

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