Old School Tour Day 4

Old School Tour Day 4

Workout Date:



Bling and OneCall


Headgear, Bubbles, Karma, Manziel (RESPECT), Mayhem (RESPECT), Hamburglar, Soft Trail (Raleigh), Fergie, Humpback, Timber, Bling, OneCall

The Thang:

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  67 degrees!

Day 4 of our madness.  Jeep loaded.  Jackets on.  Hair ties read…..scratch that one.  Heck, Jeep Hair, We Don’t Care.

The Dynamic Duo cruised down the road getting ready for Day 4 of our Tour.  Got to park next to Mr. Miyagi/Father Time/NEW AOQ/Fergie’s sweet old timey truck.  And near the drenched and sweating Headgear – fresh off beating the Mange, and having done Hot Yoga and then a 5 mile jog.  Karma infatuated with a beautiful dog being walked by some lady (remember – in person is better than “stalking” – next time we see Karma he will have a little white poodle).  Bubbles always with a kind word toward his Brothers – except those lying about IPC times – he was pi**ed at that!  Hamburglar’s glorious moustache and a very welcoming hug.  Mayhem always happy to be with us and crushing workouts, as did Timber today – dang!!!  Humpback ready to shoot some Elk soon…says F3 has prepared him to carry a 1200 lb elk out of the prairie on his back in place of his ruck.  Soft Trail looking ready to conquer anything we threw at him (as he did) joining us from Raleigh.  And good old Manziel showing up a bit late, but I don’t think I’ve seen him take a day off in 5 months..so he’s good.

Anyhow….1 minute warning, Disclaimer, Tunes playing, COP per our plan

20 IW IC
10 Merkins IC
20 Tempo Squats IC
20 Flutters IC
20 Hello Dolly IC
15 LBAC IC (front then back)
15 Cherry Pickers (Bragg style IC)
15 OH Press IC from a low squat
15 Windmills IC
20 CDD’s IC
25 LBCs IC

We headed over to the trees lining Forbus.  7 trees looked about 40 yards to YHC, but apparently, I was way off as the scolding and #mumblechatter began immediately!  Might have been 80.

Start at Tree zero
Bear crawl to the 1st tree – 1 merkin
Continue Bear crawling; increase your merkins by 1 each time to a total of 7
Mosey back to start
AMRAP LBC’s on 6
LBC’s x 15 IC as a group

Lunge between trees, Squats at the trees
Same pattern
Mosey back to start
AMRAP LBC’s on 6
LBC’s x 15 IC as a group

Crab walk between trees, BBSUs
Same pattern
Mosey back to start
AMRAP LBC’s on 6
LBC’s x 15 IC as a group

Here we would switch to 5 trees
Broad jump or bunny hop
Burpees at the trees
Mosey back to start
AMRAP LBC’s on 6
LBC’s x 15 IC as a group

YHC accused here by partner of “just making stuff up”

Crawl Bear and CDDs
Mosey back to start
AMRAP LBC’s on 6
LBC’s x 15 IC as a group

Tree suicides touching the ground at each turn around – 5 trees worth
Just wait at the end and catch your breath

Bling led the old 6″ torturefest
We learned Bubbles’ wedding song was You’re the Inspiration – Collective AWWWWWW; who knew that guy was a romantic

Mosey to the ballfield – relay race time
3 teams of 4, which Bling didn’t like so he switched it around
1st Pax run Backwards to 1st/2nd base line and back to 3rd/home line
Tag 2nd Pax to do this, 3rd, then 4th
Back to 1st Pax – Karaoke to garbage can mid outfield and back
2nd, 3rd, 4th
Back to 1st Pax – Sprint to fence and back
2nd, 3rd, 4th
ALL PUSHED HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to our starting circle for a solid round of 13 super slowwwwww Tempo Merkins IC to honor the 13 service members that were killed in Afghanistan

Stopped a few minutes early for Bling’s awesome devotional he’s been sharing along the tour

Count-O-Rama – 12
Prayer requests all around for healing, comfort, God’s peace and the Spirit’s calmness
Mayhem family member, Miguel (per Bubbles), Manziel’s dad Joe


– Bling and I have had a blast along our tour.  And only 7 more days left.  Sheesh.  Glad we get to rest a bit tomorrow.  AWESOME work by all and great mumblechatter as always expected at Warthog.

– 10 year F3 anniversary – See Jeter
– New NMB AO – The Edge – 0500 on Mondays from the Eggs Up Grill parking lot on Main street.  Rucking or just plain old walking
– Freed to Bleed – sign up
– Look for new stuff from our new 2ndF and 3rdF Q’s!
– HUGE VQ on Tuesday at #Warthog – SNIPS….3 years in the making!  Should be a good one!

Your friendly GrandStrand (tired) STUDS
Bling and OneCall

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