Old School Tour Day 6

Old School Tour Day 6

Workout Date:



Bling and OneCall


Cubby, Viagra, Quicksand, Bling, OneCall

The Thang:

75 and 100% Humidity.  Sweet!

What day is this?  Tuesday.  Where are we today?  #Timeshare.  How long does it take to get there?  Ugh….forever….HA!  Nah.  22 minutes to bring our traveling road show to the North end!!!  We haven’t been up here in a while, so we were hoping for 100’s of PAX!  Turned out the 3 stalwart warriors that we always see were there!  Assuming some of the others went to ThePlank for IPC.  At least they better have.

Bling changed the weinke a bit last night, and then we had to modify some on the fly as well with the low numbers….but with 2 dashingly handsome and expert Q’s, the beatdown was stout, the chatter was awesome, and the sweat poured.

1 minute warning and the Disclaimer

20 IW IC
10 Merkins IC
20 Tempo Squats IC
20 Flutters IC
20 Hello Dolly IC
Mosey to Fat Harold’s parking lot
15 LBAC IC (front then back)
15 Cherry Pickers (Bragg style IC)
15 OH Press IC from a low squat
During the past Tour Dates, we have been spreading the Mission and core principles during this shoulder burning time.  Since these 3 knew that stuff and lived it up here, we got to hear some awesome praise reports from the men!
10 Windmills IC
15 CDD’s IC
25 LBCs IC

Mosey to the Beach Access

Bling came up with a solid 7’s last night.  Then feeling like the BA he is, changed it to 11’s….and threw in an insane twist of NO NORMAL RUNNING – ONLY Karaokes, shuffles or backward sprints…
Step-ups and Derkins

To the beach!!!!!!!!!
Backward run 25 yards and back
Karaoke 50 yards and back
Sprint (or walk for some of the #TimeShare guys!!) 75 yards and back

Leave beach, 1 of the 3 TS PAX got the number of some NMB drunken lady hanging on the lifeguard chair gawking at our manliness
Girl: “What are you studs training for”
PAX: “Tuesday.  Life in general”
Girl: “Wow.  That is sooooo HOT”
PAX: “Yes, yes it is”
Girl: “Here’s my number, so call me, maybe”
Valvano knows what I am talking about!

We then did a solid round of 13 super slowwwwww Tempo Merkins IC to honor the 13 service members that were killed in Afghanistan

Threw in some 7’s teaching the guys the Bulgarian split squats
And alternating with Dips
We moseyed side to side this time

Bling’s 6″ core brutality

Mosey back to the start.  10 burpees OYO for the flag incident (uhoh)

Count-O-Rama – 5
Prayer requests / Praise reports

– Halfway thru our tour and it has been AWESOME!  HIGHLY recommend everyone Q 11 days in a row!!!  Just stock up on Epson Salt and Advil.

– 10 year F3 anniversary – See Jeter
– New NMB AO – The Edge – 0500 on Mondays from the Eggs Up Grill parking lot on Main street.  Rucking or just plain old walking.  OFFICIAL LAUNCH IS NEXT MONDAY the 13th.  Quicksand is the AOQ.  Also, he will not be there next Monday….good planning there guys.  HA!  Cubby will pick up the Q.
– Freed to Bleed – sign up
– Look for new stuff from our new 2ndF and 3rdF Q’s!
– Read the newsletter Soto sent out next week.

Your friendly GrandStrand GQ Models
Bling and OneCall

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