Old School Tour Day 8…

Old School Tour Day 8…

Workout Date:



Bling and OneCall


Hedgehog, Lombardi (RESPECT), Boxcar, High Interest, Pikachu, First Base, O'douls, Flatliner, Candy Cane, Crabs, Hojo, Bling, OneCall

The Thang:

Rain held off…hot and muggy

Day 8….this was a mistake….old bodies need rest…pain…Advil…Epsom salt.  Only 3 more to go and one of those is the 20 year 9-11 Memorial workout.  Wow.  BRUTAL!  Those were some of the thoughts as Bling and I planned this weinke and compared our aches and pains…that is…until the numbers were strong and Van Halen’s JUMP kicked off the 80’s playlist!!!  HECK YEAH!!!!  Ready to roll!

Boxcar volunteered to drive us…his new plug in car has a 5 mile radius….so Catapult was close enough…although he kept telling us The Plank.  Anything other than the Village is beneath him!  Pleasantly surprised to see Lombardi in MY SEAT on the Plantation Lakes carpool.  Grabbed Bling, who sat down, fell asleep, napped for the 3 minute ride, and then boom we were there.  Lots of guys coming in..some other old timers from way back when, some Catapult OG’s, and a great mix of exeryone in between for 13 studs ready to get to work!!!  Was hoping to see Flop and Rousey (gotta love his abbreviations…if you can ever understand what he is typing), but alas, no.

1 minute warning and Disclaimer.  Tunes.  Let’s do this!

20 IW IC
10 Merkins IC
20 Tempo Squats IC
20 Flutters IC
20 Hello Dolly IC
15 LBAC IC (front then back)
15 Cherry Pickers (Bragg style IC)
15 OH Press IC from a low squat
During these shoulder burners – we shared the F3 Mission, 5 core principles and the Credo.  Men here nailed them all!!!
10 Windmills IC
15 CDD’s IC
30 LBCs IC (just to mess with Bling)

We strolled to the corner….moseyed the front of the church, karaoked the right side and regrouped.
The dreaded Bling 6″ torturefest…which was definitely longer and harder…um…took a longer time and was more difficult…this time
Backwards mosey to grab a coupon
Your choice, small or large

To the 1st lightpole
11’s – Curls – with PROPER form and BBSU’s
Hold the block OH on the 6….turns out we have some speed demons, so some dudes were holding that block a longgggg time!

Count off by 2’s.  P1 Farmer carry 2 blocks to light and back
P2 plank the whole time…if P2 puts knees down, P1 punished with a blockee
I was hoping this would force longer planks and hard work to save your brothers…but….
HAHA – Guys were talking about just putting their knees down like 50x!!!  For 50 blockees for their partner….that woulda been mean, but awesome…nobody did…all pushed hard!

Another set of 11’s much to Bling’s anger
Tricep extensions and Diamond merkins – SMOKE those tris!!
Made it through most of these before calling for a return of coupons so we had time to finish up our plan…

Back to COP location
The old 13 super slow and painful Tempo Merkins to honor the 13 service members that were killed in Afghanistan

Bling’s fantastic devotion we have been sharing

Count-O-Rama – 13
Prayer requests for Hedgehog’s step mom Bonnie
Prayer requests for O’Douls and the Murphy family
Prayer requests for Mildred – High Interest’s grandma
Prayer requests unspoken

BOM by Bling

– Another fantastic stop on our tour.  We can almost see the light of day…and the pillows for sleep….we encourage everyone to get out to other AO’s and meet the PAX.  We do not encourage this many days in a row.  Maybe if you are 30 or below.  Not in your late 40’s.  Great men all around.  These dudes here are super solid obviously, have great leadership and camaraderie, and consistently post strong #’s!!!  Keep it up!

– 9/11 workout Saturday.  BS and WH doing the same workout…so post at 1 of em!  You will be crushed, but you won’t regret it.
– 10 year F3 anniversary in October– See Jeter
– New NMB AO – The Edge – 0500 on Mondays from the Eggs Up Grill parking lot on Main street.  Rucking or just plain old walking
– Freed to Bleed – sign up – 10/29
– Look for Soto’s email with dates, and things going on…look to jump in for some leadership positions
– Look for new stuff from our new 2ndF and 3rdF Q’s!

Your friendly GrandStrand (now super tired) STUDS
Bling and OneCall

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