Old School Tour – FINAL Day 11 in a row…

Old School Tour – FINAL Day 11 in a row…

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Bling and OneCall


Lombardi, Bling, OneCall

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FINALLY!!!  The Old School Tour of the AO’s is coming to an end!!!  11 days.  Every AO.  We have had some fun.  Met new PAX and saw old.  Got very sore and tired.  But mostly just enjoyed what it is about F3 and its Brotherhood.  Traveling near and far and spreading the mission and of course the devotion about why men like us need one another.  We hope that during our tour we brought some strong workouts, encouraged the PAX, welcomed newer guys and FNG’s, shared what F3 means to us and what it hopefully means to y’all, and of course, brought some laughs with our sweet headbands and rocking 80’s tunes!!!!

We weren’t sure who would show today as the slack channel was awfully quiet.  As was our PL carpool channel.  We knew Soto and Valvano were heading north for the launch of #TheEdge, so we just came up with a plan and decided to see…..as we pulled in, Lombardi was there!  Made a “game-day” decision this morning, which is why our carpool channel was silent.  So with the 3 of us, we decided to focus a bit on fellowship of course, but also some strong work.  Although convergences and large workouts are awesome, and support F3’s mission of course, as well as helping with #ABD, sometimes a small group can lead to the best discussions and great memories!

We did some stretching and chatting.  Then did 100 step-ups to keep prepping for #Chad1000.  We rucked with sandbags over the bridge to the other side.  Then Bling had the ridiculous idea of doing murder bunnies with the sandbags, uphill!  We agreed to take our rucks off so we didn’t further crush our backs.  We made it to the 100 and that was plenty.  We moseyed to the 200 and back and then reverse murder bunnied to the start point.  We rucked up and went to the 300 and back.  We did a bunch of core work since we were quite frankly tired.  We did Bling’s 6″ and my 13 Tempo merkins.  We then went back with rucks and sandbags, dropped sandbags in vehicles, and finished with 100 more step-ups.

Overall an incredible morning that in addition to the hard work, really focused on fellowship!

Prayer Requests and BOM.

Bling and I are out….probably til October.  Buy stock in Epsom Salt.  It’s been a privilege and an honor men!!!

SYITG when we recover!
Bling and OneCall

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